How To See Who Reacted On Slack Mobile

I love using Slack on my mobile device to stay connected with my team, but one feature I was curious about was how to see who reacted to my messages. After some exploring and experimenting, I found the answer, and I’m excited to share it with you! In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to see who reacted to your messages on Slack mobile. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Open the Slack app

First things first, make sure you have the Slack app installed on your mobile device. Open the app and log in to your workspace.

Step 2: Find the message you want to check

Once you’re in your workspace, navigate to the channel or direct message where the message you want to check is located. Scroll through the conversation until you find the specific message you’re interested in.

Step 3: Tap and hold on the message

This is where the magic happens! To see who reacted to a message, simply tap and hold on the message until a menu appears. From the menu, select “View message details.”

Step 4: Explore the message details

After selecting “View message details,” you’ll be taken to a screen that displays all the information about the message. Here, you can see who reacted to the message by scrolling down to the “Reactions” section. Each reaction will be listed, along with the people who reacted.

If you want to react to the message yourself, you can do so by tapping the “Add a reaction” button. Choose your preferred reaction emoji and voila! Your reaction will be added to the list.

Step 5: Go back to the conversation

Once you’ve finished checking who reacted to the message, simply tap the back button or swipe back to return to the conversation. You can continue chatting with your team or navigate to another message if needed.

Overall, checking who reacted to a message on Slack mobile is a breeze once you know where to look. It’s a great way to see how your team is responding to your messages and engage with them further. So next time you’re curious about the reactions on a message, give these steps a try – you won’t be disappointed!


In this article, we’ve explored how to see who reacted to your messages on Slack mobile. By following a few simple steps, you can easily check the reactions and engage with your team in a more interactive way. So go ahead and start exploring the reactions on your messages – it’s a fantastic way to build connections and strengthen your team dynamic!