Eliminating Spy-ware and Ad-ware with Super Anti-Spy-ware

Does your computer continuously give you pop-ups, even when you are not surfing the internet? Does your computer seem slower than it used to be. Well, one reason could be that your system is plagued with spy-ware and ad-ware. These “applications” are used to collect data about you, your surfing habits, your computers info, as well as give you directed advertising. They can become a nuisance really quickly. This tutorial will walk you through using a free application called Super Anti-Spy-Ware to eliminate those pesky “applications”.

Auto-Defrag with 3rd Party Software

Computer being slow and you hate running a defrag because they take so long? Never manually defrag your computer again. This tutorial will show you how to set up a software application to defrag your hard drive(s) automatically, using unused resources on your machine. You will never have to modify it or tell it to run and you will not notice a degrade in performance.

Disable Visual Effects to Speed Up Windows XP

If you are running Windows XP on a slower computer you may want to turn off all the excess visual effects. These effects can look appealing, but there is no doubt that the more visual effects the Operating System has to handle, the slower the system will be. You can disable the visual effects to increase the speed of Windows XP.