How To Dial An Extension On Ringcentral

Have you ever found yourself needing to dial an extension on RingCentral, but unsure of how to do it? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! As an avid user of RingCentral myself, I understand the importance of being able to easily connect with colleagues and clients using extensions. In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to dial an extension on RingCentral, along with some personal tips and commentary.

Step 1: Dial the Main Phone Number

First, you will need to dial the main phone number of the person or organization you are trying to reach. This is usually provided to you by the individual or company. If you are unsure of the main phone number, you can usually find it on their website or by contacting their receptionist.

Step 2: Listen for the Voice Prompt

Once you have dialed the main phone number, you will typically hear a voice prompt or an automated menu. This is where you will have the option to enter the extension you wish to reach. Pay close attention to the instructions given by the voice prompt, as they may vary depending on the organization’s setup.

Step 3: Enter the Extension Number

After listening to the voice prompt, you will be prompted to enter the extension number you wish to reach. Using the keypad on your phone, enter the extension number and wait for the system to process your input. Be sure to enter the extension accurately to avoid reaching the wrong person or department.

Step 4: Connect with the Extension

Once you have entered the extension number, the system will connect you with the person or department associated with that extension. You may be placed on hold briefly while the system establishes the connection. During this time, you may hear hold music or a recorded message. Stay on the line and be patient, as you will soon be connected.

Tip: If you have trouble connecting with the extension or if you accidentally enter the wrong extension, don’t panic. Simply hang up and repeat the process from Step 1. Mistakes happen, and RingCentral is designed to be user-friendly and forgiving.

Step 5: Communicate and Collaborate

Once you have successfully dialed the extension and connected with the person or department, it’s time to start your conversation or collaboration. Remember to be courteous and professional, as you would during any phone call. Take advantage of the features offered by RingCentral, such as call recording, conference calls, and screen sharing, to enhance your communication experience.

Using extensions on RingCentral can greatly streamline your communication process, allowing you to easily reach specific individuals or departments without having to go through a receptionist or switchboard. Whether you’re working remotely or in a traditional office setting, having the ability to dial extensions can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency.


In conclusion, dialing an extension on RingCentral is a simple yet powerful feature that can greatly enhance your communication experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily connect with colleagues and clients using extensions, saving time and improving overall efficiency. Remember to always double-check the extension number before dialing and take advantage of the additional features offered by RingCentral to further enhance your communication. Happy dialing!