Computer Wide Folder Viewing Options

Do you get tired of changing the folder view in windows for every folder that you go into? This tutorial will walk you through making the changes to one folder and applying them to all the folders on the computer. This will also make a;; folder that you create after this, to have these settings without any changes needing to be made. For this tutorial, I am going to create a folder on the desktop to do the settings. So, first we need to create that folder. To do this, we right-click on the desktop, highlight “New”, then click on Folder:


It will create the folder and highlight the text for you to name it. Name it anything you want and then double click on it to go into it.


Now, we want to configure this folder the way we want all the folders to look. To do this right-click and seelct “view” and then pick which way you want to view all of your folders in the future.


While you are in the folder go to the top of the screen and click on tools and select “Folder Options”


You will now see the above folder options screen. Click on View at the top of this screen.


You will now see the above picture. Click on Apply to all Folders


You will then get the above message making sure you want to apply the settings to all folders. Any folder that you have open will have to be closed and re-opened for the changes to take effect.