How To See Recently Added On Facebook

Ever pondered on a simple way to catch up with the newest posts on Facebook? Fret not, for I am here to help! This article will guide you on how to access the latest posts on Facebook, ensuring you remain in the loop with fresh updates from your loved ones and buddies.

Step 1: Open Facebook and Log In

To begin, open your preferred web browser and go to If you’re not already logged in, enter your login credentials and click the “Log In” button.

Step 2: Navigate to the News Feed

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be directed to the Facebook News Feed by default. The News Feed is the central hub where you can see updates from your friends, pages you follow, and groups you’re a part of. It’s a great place to discover new content and stay connected with what’s happening in your social network.

Step 3: Sort the News Feed

By default, Facebook displays posts in your News Feed based on an algorithm that prioritizes content it thinks you’ll find most relevant. However, if you want to see the most recent posts, you’ll need to sort the News Feed accordingly.

To do this, locate the “News Feed” option in the left-hand sidebar and click on it. From the drop-down menu that appears, select “Most Recent.” Facebook will then update your News Feed to show the most recent posts in chronological order.

Step 4: Explore the Recently Added Posts

Now that your News Feed is sorted by most recent posts, you can start exploring the latest updates from your friends. Scroll down to see the recently added posts, photos, and videos that have been shared on Facebook.

If you want to see even more recent updates, keep scrolling to the bottom of the page. Facebook will automatically load more posts as you reach the end.

Step 5: Interact with the Posts

Once you’ve found a recently added post that catches your interest, you can interact with it in several ways. You can like the post by clicking on the thumbs-up icon, leave a comment to share your thoughts, or even share the post with your own Facebook friends by clicking on the share button.


By following these steps, you can easily see the recently added posts on Facebook and stay updated with the latest happenings in your social network. Whether you’re looking for news, updates from friends, or just want to stay connected, Facebook’s News Feed is the go-to place to see what’s going on in your digital world.

Remember to keep exploring and engaging with the posts that interest you. Facebook is all about connecting and sharing, so make the most of your News Feed and enjoy the journey!