Auto-Defrag with 3rd Party Software

We did a tutorial on the Windows based defragmenting tool and felt that you should see an example of the other options out there. This tutorial will walk you through downloading a demo software called O & O Defrag. O&O is a great tool that I use all the time (I actually paid for it). It allows multiple drives to be done at once, has several different types of defragging (will explain later), has great support, and also take care of system resources so that you can still do work while it defrags. The software can be downloaded from Once you go to the page, you will see a window prompting for some information.


Insert this information into the website. They will not contact you if you uncheck the box. This just allows them to keep track of how many people try their software, and then buy it afterwards. Once you are finished click on proceed to continue.


Next a website with the above should appear. As you can see, if we want the full version of this software, we would have to pay 44.95. We will just download the demo for now. Click on the download link.


This website is where you select your language that you wish to download. You can also select your connection type to get an estimated time of download. It is 12 ½ megabytes so slower connections may take some time to complete the download. Once you are ready, click on the Download button.


This loading bar will appear in the middle of the website to let you know it is contacting the download server. If you don’t see the download start within 30 seconds, click on the link to initiate the download.


If you are using Firefox, you will see the above (IE will get a box that asks you to save or open the download. You can do either. I am going to save the file to my desktop so that if there are any issues, I will not have to re-download the file. Once the file finished downloading open the file.


This is the first page of the installer. It just welcomes you to the installation process.


Read through the License Agreement and the Accept the terms. Once you check the “I Accept” radial button, Next will become available.


This screen allows you to select where you would like to save the program files for the application. If you would like to change them you can, if you don’t know where you should put them, you should probably just leave the defaults.


This screen allows you to select whether all people on your computer will have access to this application or just you (the installer). You can also elect to install a screensaver made by O&O, add shell extension, create a shortcut, and register O&O as default defrag tool. The screen saver is a 3-D representation of your HDD being Defragmented.


This is the final window before installation. Just to let you know that it is about to install the application options that you have selected.


This bar will progress through the install.


Once you see this screen, the install has complete and the application is ready for use.


You should now have the above icon on your desktop (if you elected to have a desktop icon). If not you’ll have to launch it from the start menu.


Every time you launch the application (as long as it is still the demo) it will show this screen. Just click the “Continue with unregistered version) button and then click next.


It will now walk you through setting up auto defrag. This is the first screen. Keep the top radial marked and uncheck the checkbox at the bottom of the screen (this will prevent this window from coming up every time you launch the application.


Select what type of machine you are setting this up for. The different type of computer will determine what type of Defrag it does to your machine. For more on this: use the help files located within the application.


Once this screen comes up, the configuring is complete. You have just configured O&O to automatically keep your hard drive defragmented as long as you have the software installed. It will defrag your hard drive when you are not using all of your rescources and will continue to keep it organized to maintain your computer speed.


This is the system tray that appears after the installation process. You can start a manual defrag from here. There are 5 types of defarg the O&O will do. Each type will benefit for different reasons. I will let you open the help file and read which one you think fits your computer the best. If you right-click on this you can view the status monitor, which will show you the current defrag procedures’ stats.