Setting Up a WAMP Server

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a WAMP Server using software that can be found on sourceforge for use. First, a little description is an order. A WAMP Server is a Windows Machine that has Apache, MySQL, and PHP on it (WAMP – Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) To install these before you would have to get the installs and binaries and configure them yourself and set everything up which can be a tedious task as well as very time consuming. Now, thanks to sourceforge, you can get this functionality by simply installing an application. Once you are finished with this tutorial you will be able to follow our web-based tutorials without having a domain name and/or server. Let’s get started. First we need to download our software from


Once on that site look for the above box to appear and click on Download WAMP Server 2.0


Save the file somewhere that you will be able to get to once it is finished completing. It is approximately 20 Megabytes, so depending on your connection, it may take a few minutes.


You should now see this icon wherever you chose to save the file. Double-click on it to start the installation.


Select to run the file if you are prompted to do so.


You will be prompted to not install this version over WAMP5 1.x. Click yes to continue with the installation.


This first install window simply welcomes you to the installer for this application. Click next to continue.


This window contains the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE that will allow you to use this software. Once you review this click the I Accepts radial button and click next to continue.


This box let’s you pick where you would like to install all of the files. You can change this if you like but if you do, bear in mind that you should put it in a folder that does not contain any spaces as some browsers/servers have issues handling spaces in file names. This is also where your web files will be stored under a directory called ‘www’. If you are unsure, leave this default.


This window will allow you to create the desktop icon and the quick launch icon to start the server by the click of a button.


This window just reviews all installation options. Verify the settings are correct and click next to start installing the application.


This is installing the software.


You will get the above prompt to configure FireFox as your default browser for the WAMP Server if you would like, otherwise it will use Internet Explorer.


This window will allow you to configure your server to forward any e-mail that your php creates to a proper server and e-mail account so that they will go to the right person once you are using it. If you don’t know these values or have the ability to use them, just leave them default.


This is the completion window. You have the ability to launch the server automatically after closing this window if you would like. Click Finish to start the application.


Once the server is running, you will see the above icon and the taskbar for the WAMP Server.


The above menu is what you will get if you simply left-click once on the tray icon.

Localhost – This option simply open the webpage that is stored in the home directory (which is “C:\wamp\www\index.php” by default). You can also get to this page by typing “localhost” in your web browser, or by typing in your web browser.

phpMyAdmin – This option will launch phpmyadmin (which can also be launched by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in your web browser. phpMyAdmin is a tool to manage, query, select, and browse your MySQL databases. It is php based and relatively simple to use.

SQLSiteManager – This launches a tool to create and delete entire databases. You use this to create the databases and use phpmyadmin to manipulate the data in them. This can also be access from http://localhost/sqlitemanager/ in your web browser.

www Directory – this will open the folder where your sites files are stored. These are the files that are called when you go to localhost.

Apache – This area has the configuration settings for Apache and will allow you to make configuration that you need to make to this service.

PHP – This area has the configuration settings for PHP and will allow you to make configuration that you need to make to this service.

MySQL – This area has the configuration settings for MySQL and will allow you to make configuration that you need to make to this service.

Then you also have the options to control the services and take the server on and off line.

By default the server is set up with an index.php file that will show you the services that are started for the service. This file will also show you the projects that have started on your server based on the folders that are within the www folder. You do not have to keep this file if you do not wish to. You can delete it and make your own index.php that will be shown whenever you access localhost. There are many configurations that can be made to this server setup. Explore them and have fun. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and thanks for reading.

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  • ayo


  • jefrey

    why is that when we are installing the wamp server 2 our pc is shutting down and the installation is neglected? please answer my question.

  • Reza

    Really it works well. I’m pleased about it. If it contains a complete text-pad(source code editor) then the result is entirely unique.

    Reza, Bangladesh.

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  • wajahat

    i’d like to add one thing……. WAMP-Server Won’t Start if are Running “IIS”.

    Stop the IIS, then WAMP Server Will Work Perfectly 😀

    Open “Command Promt”, Type: iisreset/stop

    That is: iisreset /stop PRESS Enter.

    You’re Done. 😀

    • sinsim

      the command iisreset is not working

      • oden

        for windows:
        Go to start-settings-control panel:
        double click on Administrative Tools then open services.
        now on names select IIS Admin:
        on leftside of ur computer click stop the service:
        Close it and open your WAMPSEVRER.
        Hope it help

      • Jorge

        Thanks for the tips. I tried looking in Services for IIS and couldn’t see anything in there with that name. Are there any others in there that could be stopping WAMP server?

      • nikhil

        hey u just try dis
        type services.msc in run
        den stop da iisadmin services from da list of given services

    • sirwrenitey

      Great advice and perfect instructions on both the above tutorial as well as your insight into stopping IIS! After doing both I am up and running ~ Thanks

    • thanks:D

    • Asraful Haque

      Thank you very much.Now I am using it in one OS both IIS and Wampserver togetherly instead using of two OS.

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  • it helps us. so much!!!!! as in super duper much. like munchkins..hahahaha!!!!

  • timi

    new to the whole wamp thing, can someone please send a sample data-base communication tutorial, using wamp to me please, it’ll really be a great deal to me. thanks

  • inko

    I have wampserver 2 installed on my computer. But when I open localhost in my firefox browser, it says “Denied…..” I already do some tricks like on Peter Orlogas site but it didnt work.

    can anybody help me through these?


    • Londi

      Maybe the Wapmserver is not compatible with ur browser, pliz try diferent browsers like internet Explorer, Opera etc.

  • Dzidzo

    Ok im total newbie to this, and i did everything said there…so now the question is how to connect my own domain with wamp and so people will be able to acces my website?

  • You need to use your router and forward all traffic that comes in on port 80 to go to your computer that you are running the WAMP server on.

    This tutorial will show you how to set up port forwarding on your router. It is down about 1/3 of the way through the tutorial.

    Any questions, let me know. Thanks.

  • adrian

    why it cannot work when an IIS is intalled?, should i uninstall IIS?

  • I don’t see why you would need IIS and Apache to be running at the same time?

    • mark

      You don’t……

  • Handoko

    Just set the port in file php.ini to another port, say 8888.
    Your server will have 2 web servers IIS with port 80 and Apache with port 8888
    To accesss for apache you need to use


  • Mojo

    Wicked !!!!!!!!

  • Susan

    Hi…i installed wamp 2.0 and everything. I put the server online and stuff but that icon in the system tray is showing that red piece. What am i doing wrong?

    • Londi

      Wait for it to be entirely white because if it shows the red pert it means that it is partially active, therefore, it cant operate in such a state.

  • Thomas

    Hi, have installed WAMP server on my laptop, but when i try connecting through WAMP5 server localhost the internet explorer would display an error massage. what should i do?

  • Thomas are you connecting to http://localhost? Have you started wamp and verified that everything is online?

  • max

    i have the same problem. after wamp is online, http://localhost does not display

    • giggles

      try checking your skype port by:

      1) exit wampp
      2)open skype
      3)go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connections
      4)Uncheck the checkbox “use port 80 and 443 as alternative for incoming connections.
      5) open skype
      6) start wampp
      7) try opening localhost


      • luke

        worked a treat, thanks!

      • Jase

        This is brilliant, thank you so much for this advice!

      • Brian

        You rock. This could’ve saved me hours, and I’m thankful I found this quickly

      • Chamara

        WOW…. why couldn’t I find this one earlier…. It could have saved me hours

      • KSAndersen

        Helped me as well!

        Thank you.

      • Mwaaaaa…
        All i can say is that you deserve a kiss from MISS WORLD 2010!!!
        The trick worked well for me!

      • sudershan

        ‘giggles’ suggestion of opening Skype and unblocking port 80 may sometimes not work. As for example in case you do not have Skype installed but you still face the same problem.

        It is also possible that MS IIS server is running and blocking Port 80. In that case you have to go to ‘add/remove Windows Components’ in the Add/Remove Programs facility in Control Panel and un-install IIS.

      • NelsonB

        Jeezzzz…. I would spend 50 years searching the web for this issue… thanks a million, I would think in million light-years that Skype would cause this problem.
        Thanks again!!

      • thanks, your suggestion help me indirectly to to find the solution for my problem. I found that port setting in my utorrent effect wampserver because I using port 80. change it and wollaa, it work again.thank you

      • I had the same problem of wamp not going online on a windows vista 64-bit install and your solution of making the modification in Skype fixed it. Thank you so much.

      • jaston’s been i dont know how many weeks now..i cant believe this was the problem. Who would’ve thought..thanks a million.

    • geoffrey

      I’ve skype installed, port 80 and 433 unchecked but the localhost and phpmysqladmin not ACCESSED! Any Help is highly appreciated. Thanks

  • max

    Wait. if localhost command does not work, try in the browser. that may work when typing in localhost does not

  • if works and localhost doesn’t it sounds like you do not have an entry for localhost in your host file.

    • Hi John, can you help please. Windows 7 64bit. The wamp sys icon is red, black and white and does not respond to click, right click or swearing. The icon is as dead as the proverbial parrot. The tool tip message reads. None of 2 services running. IIS is off and I’ve also run iisreset/stop as well, rebooted, done a dance, shouted, swore, bought flowers, spoke nicely; Nothing! No response, Wamp is dead and I am planning a funeral unless you know of a way to revive it please. (I notice that others have the same problem but I can’t find an answer from anyone).

      • If the sys icon is not responding it sounds like something may have gone corrupt and funeral may be the way to go. Un-install the one you have completely and start from scratch.

        If that doesn’t fix the issue, you must have something on your machine that is conflicting with the services and it becomes a trial and error troubleshooting process by disabling things and re-trying until you figure out what is causing the issue.

        It could also be an issue with the install not completing successfully. I run Win 7 64 Bit on my computer currently and it runs fine, so I know it isn’t an issue with Win 7 or 64-bit. Let us know what you come up with or you have any other questions.

      • Hi John. Thanks. Yes I had reinstalled a number of time. Aslo. redownloaded wamp a number of times too in case it was a corrupt copy. It does work in XP virtual, but my problem is i need to edit a few ini files which for my purposes must be done with admin rights which I cant get through the virtual mode because it has passwords ‘configured’ which I never set up and therefore can’t access them – blanks don’t work. In W7 I can get around that of course, so I must get it working. As to conflicts, I can’t think what because this set up is the same as my previous XP set and there were no conflicts there. I have read around the web that my problem is very common, more common it seems than users who are able to get Wamp working on W7! Of course those I have communicated with have completely different programmes installed, there seems to be no common denominator. I use adobe suite, Visual studio, a few graphic programmes and office, that is it. So I’ve no idea!. If a boffin can help please do!

  • jules

    hi , good day, i have installed wamp server on my pc, i got problem with MySQL, it’s looking for password in order to access it. How can i change the default password, can you help me to have some work around here.


    • Ryan

      do not enter any key .. in MySQL console is request you the password dont press any key just enter .. and you have it .!!

  • It should just be a username of root and a blank password. That is what got me into mine.

  • ankush

    i am trying to connect to wamp using hostname as :localhost & username :root with a blank password,but it ain’t allowing me ..saying..:network error :connection refused. any help?
    i am trying to conncet via WinSCP

  • J.R.

    with wampserver says i cant publish to it no fp server extions, how do i place then on this program in order to use frontpage 2000

  • Ali

    I just want to thank you for the following post which fix my issue:

    wajahat said,

    on October 10th, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    i’d like to add one thing……. WAMP-Server Won’t Start if are Running “IIS”.

    Stop the IIS, then WAMP Server Will Work Perfectly 😀

    Open “Command Promt”, Type: iisreset/stop

    That is: iisreset /stop PRESS Enter.

    You’re Done. 😀

  • Gordon

    WAMP server installed on XP with no error messages, but will not run.

    localhost gets connection error

    http://localhost/ brings up Bing

    iisreset/stop returns (is not recognized as an internal or external command)

    What should I try next?

    • emmanuel

      hey dude! got the same problem getting the same error can you please help!

  • ramx

    now i have wampserver how can they access the mysql database

  • apple

    hey im new in this wampserver thing. were could i upload my files? im just running it on my internet me!!

  • sam

    hi i made a maplestory private sever but when i put the wamp online and start up all the service it turns white and then yellow i use the mysql
    i have an aol [email protected] please help me

  • Thank you very much for your useful tutorial

  • a lot of things can learned this site.!!

  • kel

    i click localhost or 127 also cannot displa localhost

  • Libin

    I have installed wampserver2.0 but when i open the localhost in browser its shows an error ie unable to connect when just like the error when the cable is unplugged.Please help me to fix this

  • shankar

    I installed wampserver2.0 i can able to run localhost but nothing is shown in localhost webpage. When i opened phpmyadmin it also shows a blank page.I don’t know how to rectify it. Can anybody help me for this?

  • Romizzi

    All installed, http://localhost/ brings up a page that says cannot find server.
    Any ideas, I’ve read above but no one seems to have really answered this.

    • what if you goto instead? Sometime there is an issue with your hosts file which prevents localhost from redirecting to the right place.

  • CJ

    Hi, I’m having a problem with *WAMPSERVER*, I’v installed it and that, and i click the icon and press ‘Put Online’ and i get a message saying ”Aestan Tray Menu: Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started.”

    Please contact me via [email protected] (Spam email will be put in Junk Folder, and if you are contacting me about this please put //lh164-wampserver/answer as the subject . Thank you)

    • That error usually means that you are running one of the following applications: IIS, Skype, Zone Alarm, NOD32, Eset, Internet Optimizer, Google Accelerator, any other database server, any other webserver?

      Check these and if you are try it without them running. You CAN use these apps at the same time, you will just need to configure them to use a different port.

      • s1h4d0w

        Another program to add to that list is TeamViewer.
        I couldn’t get it working either.

        Then noticed that some websites I blocked in my hosts file (some annoying pop-ups on certain websites that caused my system to slow down) displayed the message “This site is running TeamViewer”.
        Killed it, and it worked.

      • John

        how the hell am I supposed to know if half of these things are running?
        which processes should I look for in taskmgr.exe? I could easily terminate them if I could find the EXE file that’s running and tell it end process.

  • nuno

    Anyone have a manual or a tutorial of wamp.
    From the basic to …

  • jan

    need help guys, im having problems in configuring wampserver my php doesn’t work. i click 5.3.0 version of my php in wampserver quick admin and this message pops up ” could not execute menu item(internal error)
    [EAccessViolation] Access violation at address 0043AC36 in module
    ‘wampmanager.exe’. read of address 00000008

  • Umair

    well, thanks God! my problem is solved by this comment:

    wajahat said,

    on October 10th, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    i’d like to add one thing……. WAMP-Server Won’t Start if are Running “IIS”.

    Stop the IIS, then WAMP Server Will Work Perfectly

    Open “Command Promt”, Type: iisreset/stop

    That is: iisreset /stop PRESS Enter.

    You’re Done.

    &&& let me (Umair) add one more thing..

    — simply click on wampserver icon on right bottom of the screen and then click on “Restart all services”.

    &&& Thank you Wajahat…

    • phou2012

      I stop IIS service already and i start all service in WAMP server but when I click on localhost it is loading too much long and it still doesn’t work..why?

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  • I had the sam trouble of error at localhost, Thanks to Mike Maguire, my Skype was causing troubles in my service,

    Thanks a lot for your comment Mike,

    Elias V. Tipacamu

    Mike Maguire said,

    on September 5th, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    That error usually means that you are running one of the following applications: IIS, Skype, Zone Alarm, NOD32, Eset, Internet Optimizer, Google Accelerator, any other database server, any other webserver?

    Check these and if you are try it without them running. You CAN use these apps at the same time, you will just need to configure them to use a different port.

  • had the same prob. with skype!

  • php-er

    thanx, i am new to php and this was absolutely helpful!

  • eadie

    OK, comment re: Skype helped, but how do I configure them so I can use both (i.e., how, and to what port(s), should I adjust the programs? Thanks!

  • Problem with skype? exit the skype first and then start the Wamp and run again the skype.. thats what i do..

  • Lewis

    can anybody please show me how to remove my wamp completely and reinstall again without those error

  • ace

    how could i turn off the display errors in wamp server?
    please help me

  • eadie


    Do you mean the display errors in php? You do that in php.ini, but it is easier (and safer) to change that through wampserver. Open Wampserver, click on the wampserver icon in the task bar (the white half-circle). Go to PHP->PHP Settings->Display Errors.

    Hope that helps.

  • sbmongoos

    Thanks. Really helped. Working with PHP.

  • mak

    this tutorial is totally useless…
    even they didnt mention how to configure mysql and all…

  • rao

    Installed wampserver local host works fine,but when trying to connect from outside computer its not connecting says no privelages .port forwarded to 80 on router .please help.

  • Naraa

    After installed it is not working. i start all service but “Wamp5-server Offline. Please help me.

  • jayaraj

    I installed wamp server in my system and now the browser asks me username and password when i entered http://localhost… what should be the username and password

  • chandan

    i using wamp at port 8080. I m able to open localhost:8080 and localhost:8080\sqlitemanage but when i try to phpmyadmin fine blank.

  • what abot cpanel

  • perfectwamp

    installed wampserver on windows xp machine. the icon appears in the quick launch bar. but hwen i click on the icon, nothing happens. can someone tell me what to do?

  • Thabiso

    I have installed WAMPSERVER 2.0. When I try to test the Localhost server feature it is comes with the “Authentication Required” for username and password for the http://localhost. I have installed it on Win XP, have made fIrefox a default browser / desabled firewall and don’t know what to do else. cause iu don’t have these login detail. I have tried all my login deatil and so forth. Please help

  • juan

    hello, i just installed WAMP and tried to run a simple .php script but i can only see the html code, i can not put WAMP online. pls help, once I get this first out of the way i will be OK ..i hope


  • Deshna

    Hello !!

    i just installed WAMP Server 2.0 . When i tried to run Localhost a message is displayed… “This site is running TeamViewer.” . Please do help in setting up the reqiured.

    • Deshna,
      Team Viewer is a Remote Access tool that has a web interface. That means that it is listening for connections on port 80 which is the port that WAMP will try to initialize. Try disabling Team Viewer or changing the port that it operates on. You might be able to turn off the web client as well. This should resolve your issue.

  • Mori

    hello friends i have problem wamp in windows server 2008
    i think i install sharepoint then apache dont online?
    what i doing?please help me

  • Allan

    Why is it that I cannot click on the WAMP icon in the systray? I’m using Vista x64… thanks for the help!

  • Allan

    It’s on an HP Pavilion dv6985se machine… It only says all services running, but the server is offline… how do I put it online? Thanks again!

  • Right click on the tray icon and select “Put Server Online”. I have used WAMP on XP, Vista 64 and Windows 7 64bit without problems.

  • alausa mustapha

    please i am a lamer lol that is wot my friend use to call me because he is a programmer and i have been trying hard but i need help please HELP ME

  • Trao

    hi, i’m using wamp server. I want to configure this server to browse in local network, how can i do?

    • You should just be able to go to the IP address of the computer that has the WAMP server running in any browser and as long as the WAMP server is running an on-line, you shuold get the pages just as you would through a domain name.

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  • Akhilesh Mishra

    in my pc there is an previous installation of mysql server. in that case wamp server is not showing its mysql page kindly help me what to do because i cant not uninstall the mysql because some application softwares on my pc are depend on it.

  • shailendra

    hi i have installed wamp server on my pc.
    but i m unable to open a phpmyadmin in localhost
    pls help me

  • I complete a course in PHP and MySQL using WAMP 2. All went well during the course… no problems.

    Since then I upgraded myu XP to Windows 7.
    So, I had to download WAMP again. This time all looked good… ie. the icon in the service tray is all white.

    When I submit a siimple little program to display <?php code nothing appears other than standard HTML…

    For the life of me I can not figure out what is wrong…

    Here is the program.

    This is the first PHP coding section
    echo "This is PHP code\n;

    This is the second PHP coding section

    echo "This is more PHP code\n”;


    The Output
    This is the first PHP coding section
    This is the second PHP coding section

    Can anyone help?

  • Larpa

    ***************** PROBLEMS IN LOOKING USERNAME and PASSWORD FOR WAMPSERVER2.0 *********************

    To solve it :
    ****First :****

    go to run

    type “services.msc”

    look for the “IIS Admin”

    right click then click STOP..

    *****Second Way :*****

    uninstall wampserver2.0 (if its already in your pc)

    then go to run

    type “services.msc”

    look for the “IIS Admin”

    right click then click STOP..

    intsall wampserver…

    note : just make sure that the IIS Admin is Stop (^_^)

    • PHPHelpNeeded

      How do I restart IIS after I STOP it? I’m setting it up at work. Will I cause any problem if I stop IIS?

      Or how to set the port 80 to different port so I don’t need to STOP IIS?

  • Saurabh

    i have installed the wampserver2 i on my system. but whenever i try to access the localhost my browser asks me for the authentication.what should i do now.

  • Saurabh

    i have installed the wampserver2 i on my system. but whenever i try to access the localhost my browser asks me for the authentication.what should i do now.reply me soon..and please send me the info by which i can make my own website…

  • sharma

    After reinstalling the WAMP 2.0, I am unable to load the database which was already worked.
    How ? Pl Help..

  • New to this:

    Installed and running can connect to PHPProxy locally and remotely. I cannot connect to “http://localhost/sqlitemanager/” , Nor does SQLliteManager appear in Systray Menu? Any ideas? Thanks

  • installed wamps and got my home web site up and running, however lately within the last few days i noticed that the Wamps seems to go into some sort of sleep mode if there is no activity and a reboot is required to start it up again. Is there no way it will stay running all night while i sleep. I go to bed and its working fine, i can access the site and the meter is all white. I come back in the morning and check the site and it says “cannot display the web page” I try other web sites to see if there is a problem with my router or computer but i can access everything else. I click refresh on the wamp meter and still no response. I shut the wamps server down and then on again and the meter shows yellow halfway across and refuses to give me the web site. Finally i reboot the computer and all comes back to normal. Is it not ment to run unattended or do i need to tweak something. The power settings on my computer are set to never go into sleep mode. Thanky you for your help

  • sachidanand panday

    wher we save the my sql file in wamp server

  • Beverly

    thanks much 🙂 it really works

  • Guy

    thank nice guide but i still occurring problem, i dont know why?

  • faizel

    I’ve setup wampserver on my local drive and built a wordpress website. Working well, but when i move it to the host server, i get “Unable to open WampServer’s config file, please change path in index.php file”.

    Have no idea how to fix

  • Hi
    I have aproblem , the wampserver doesn’t work , I am working on PC and have windows server 2003 on it .
    can’t I use your server without colsing the other server.
    Best Regards

  • i want lorning wamp saver web data base programing

  • Michele

    Can someone please list some reasons as to why once WAMP is installed, and your start all services, and you type in http://localhost or it does NOT load the index.php page within the www folder? It wont even load a basic html file. I am pretty familiar with other servers, but this is my first time using WAMP. I also made sure localhost was listed in the windows hosts files. What do you want to set in your firewall for wamp? A list of ideas would be VERY helpful to those reading this blog.

  • when I goto the local host and try clicking phpmyadmin I get this error:

    MySQL said:

    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

  • Michael

    Hi, I have successfully re-installed the latest version of WAMP. However I get a blank page when trying to access http://localhost/phpmyadmin
    Also when I try and access http://localhost/sqlitemanager/ I get the following error:Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /sqlitemanager/ on this server.(This is a 403 Forbidden error)Help Please Thank You

    • You should be able to load phpmyadmin, but I’m don’t believe WAMP comes with SQLite. I could be wrong, but I do know what the M in WAMP stands for MySQL.

  • shyam

    i got a problem in wamp. i installed it on windows 2003 server. i unistalled the iis, in every day that i have to add same database to the wamp because database is auto delete every day.

  • sg

    Please check this link. The setup process is nicely mentioned


  • Nyariwo Joel Okoth

    I have designed my web pages in Microsoft office publisher and I want to use wamp as my web server.How do I integrate the web pages into my web server?

    • I don’t have experience with office publisher. To be honest if it is a Microsoft Product you will probably have to run IIS since it will include some proprietary crap that Microsoft wrote. You can still get Microsoft Extenstions to work on apache, but I don’t have much experience with that. If your website doesn’t use any Microsoft specific server side components then you just need to make sure you are putting the files in your wamp directory, which is usually C:/wamp/public_html I believe.

  • hmco

    I have an erre:
    When i run WAMP server, It is not working.
    No IIS installed and Internet is also connected. I want to know the options how to run WAMP server also with internet browsing

  • dhananjay

    below statement is nt wrkng in my programe…


    “->”….sign is nt wrkng….
    i nd suggestions!

    • The “->” should only be used when calling a function from a class object or when calling the $this reference (to access members of the current class).

      In order for your code to work, your $session variable would have to be a object built from a class: $session=new class();

      Then, logged_in would have to be a function in that class. Is this the case with your code?

  • kamal

    i have already installed wampserver 2 on my laptop with windows vista, the localhost it’s running well, but i can running my php scrip. can u tell me what is the problem? or i need to setting a part of wampserver before? thanks a lot.

  • Hori Kai

    Hi there
    I have wamperserver 2.0 version installed on my computer. I have XP oerating system. But the localhost comes up blank. Even typed in 27.0.0 and typed localhost but no response. Are these valid websites of 27.0.0 and localhost to appear?

    Were all these connectios like SQL and Php suppose to work or what??

    I did not understand what you meant by LOCALHOST?

    Another thing I tried was a connection. But it FAILED??

    Please tell what I have done wrong?


    • localhost and are synonyms. They mean the exact same thing. However, if you don’t have a record for localhost in your hosts file, then it wont work. should work either way though and is the failsafe. If you goto that IP in the browser of your choice and you don’t get anything, then the server is not running or not listening to port 80.

  • sam

    ive installed wamp server2.0 in my windows7. but when go to phpMyadmin
    it dosent open the database page it gives a blank page pls help

  • prince eebrahym

    ive installed wamp server2.0 in my windows7 and everything is perfectly working but i think i’m seriously in need of tutorial or ebook that can take me through certain features cos i’m still a novice user. thanks


    Please help me in setting up phpMyAdmin i need user name and password what i will do in local host my default browser is Mozilla fire fox what i will do

    • parvathi

      s even i have the same problem just help me out..

  • Hi, I have been using WAMP5 without problems for some time, yesterday I installed SQL Server 2008 and now WAMP wont start.

    For example, the SQL Lite Manager shows me a “HTTP 404 Not found”.

    Any idea how to roll back this one? I haven’t backed up my DB and I would lose like a week worth of data

  • param

    I have completed installation,but WAMP does not start when clicking in its icon, a message box appears having php icon it says”CLI has stopped working”.

  • ganesh

    I want tutorial for config wamp server in my domain space and how to setup index.html as the home page for my website in wamp server…

  • thanks for sharing I was stuck with this!!

  • Raj

    after starting the wamp server if i click the put online in wamp server, it wont change to online… it remains off line only why?
    wats the problem…

  • parvathi

    hello friends after installing the wamp server i have checked with the http:// localhost or 127.0.0,1
    and even that skype some work even then when i type http://localhost it just says as http:// localhost and not that problem loading command… please guys help me out

  • I’m running IIS for the main site, but I want to add functionality which is more easily accomplished using WAMP. So, I turned off socket pooling, added another ip address, assiged the original ip to the IIS site, then installed WAMP. While the Apache service installed (and port 80 indicates that it isn’t used), the service won’t start. it says “Aestan Tray Menu Could not execute menu item (internal error) [exception] could not execute run action: the system cannot find the file specified” I’ve checked the error log, which is blank. I’ve verified that the httpd.exe files is where it’s supposed to be…I’m stumped. Any ideas?

    • Answered my own question. I had added the new ip, then tried the port option without first undoing the ip. Once I removed the ip, the port change fell into line.

  • Raju

    Hi, have installed WAMP server on my dsktop, but when i try connecting through WampServer2.0i server localhost the internet explorer would display an error massage.
    what should i do?

    i did this one also” Uncheck the checkbox use port 80 and 443 as alternative for incoming connections.” in skype.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Raju

      i got the solution

  • suhas

    I am working on Php coding and for that I have installed WampServer2.0i. I have done the database connection everything but when I run the index.php the following error comes.

    Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Can you tell where I am going wrong. Is it because of apache. Can you tell me the guidelines of using this

  • Pradip

    can any 1 tell me? what is the default password of the mysql console in the wamp server?

  • sir when i click on localhost of wamp server then it ask username and password .that is not use in wamp server2 installation .so what should i type in username and password.plez soon reply

  • hi everyone. i am an amature web developer and i will be pleased if someone could help me. i have installed wamp2.0i and it works perfectly but want to cofigure it so that when i enter a domain which is not registered i will see my website on another pc.

  • Hi there pradip, your mysql installation should ask of a password that you entered so try that one or you can open your on wamp icon on task bar and place mouse on mysql) and change the password to one you like.

  • .


  • Fortunately I reached this site via google, when I started searching for a local server with php and my sql enabled.

  • anojs

    where do i found my db user id and password

  • Ovie E

    Thanks a million. Thru this forum i have been able to access my xamp local host by typing in my firefox broswer. Thanks!

  • 2010Ddaddy

    Hi, for those of you who are still struggling with left or right clicking WAMP with no response and using Windows 7, the solution is this: download Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode for Windows 7 and try reinstalling WAMP again. It rocks

  • shivani

    actually i did exactly what is been said as above but the moment i put it online i get a message that the service is not executed..plz lemme knw the fault i request as i have got my exams that deals wid dis software!!!!

  • thx for usefull guide 🙂

  • where do i set the port in php.ini file?
    I am running IIS server on default port, and need to run apache server on different port.

    • sush


  • Boyd

    My Winamp Server is working locally (same machine). I have it configured to use port 81. So, x.x.x.x:81 works as well as localhost:81. However, when I try and access the webserver from another machine on the same subnet it doesn’t find it. I can ping my winamp machine from the other computes in the subnet, but using x.x.x.x:81 doesn’t work. I do have IIS installed, but I have it turned off. Ideas?

  • Gaurav Mukhija

    Last night i installed windows xp and wamp server. the wamp server symbol is showing “All services running” but i am facing a problem during joomla installation . it show me “Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”.is there anybody will reply the solution of this problem.

  • Gaurav Mukhija

    Last night i installed windows xp and wamp server. the wamp server symbol is showing “All services running” but i am facing a problem during joomla installation . it show me “Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”.is there anybody will reply the solution of this problem.

    • i have exactly the same problem.
      did you find a solution?

  • Africa Directory

    I am having problem. have installed wampserver in window vista 64 bit.when i launch phpadmin, i get HTTP “Error 404.0 – Not Found
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable”

    any help?

  • Prashanth

    Dear Sir

    Can i instal this wampserver2.0c to windows server 2008. If not which webserver i can install to windows server 2008. Can u plese give me answer for this.


  • Sunil Sharma


  • musfirah

    i am new in WAMP server. i have already install WAMP2.0 but it not have SQLite Manager. i also cannot connect with localhost. When i try to connect with localhost, there is an error occur. The web says that navigation cancel. Please do help me…

  • ck

    today i install wampserver2.0 and i open in localhost also i create one simple code
    and i save under the folder of www/sample/sample.php.
    while i am opening the browser its not coming the welcome in the broswers screen its show the folder and files but while i click the sample.php its not show the output what to do please can any one tell

    • dimple

      rename your file name sample.php into index.php.

  • ck

    sorry sample.php
    code is


  • ck

    its not my mistake friend while i put code
    but it not show in the window what to do
    i will tell

  • sush

    where should i store my projects (save .php files) ?

    • dimple

      C:\wamp\www\(your project folder)

  • dimple

    i have installed wamp but PHP mail parameters window dosenot appear.and i get this message “WAMP5-None of 2 services running – server Offline”.plz tell me what is the actual problem??nd give me soluation also.plz

  • sush

    i saved some .php files on wamp\www . But i can’t see my projects on localhost? what should i do. please reply

  • Nige M

    I have just installed WampServer Version 2.1 on a Win XP Samsung NC10 netbook. The install went without any problems. The server runs , with the tray icon going from red to amber to green. Hovering over the icon i get “WAMPSERVER – server Offline”. Any idea what I need to do to get it online please?

    • Nige M

      Problem solved, operator error :$, thanks.

      • Chris E

        How did you fix this error? I have the same and when accessing localhost my computer slows right down and even freezes…

  • Dear Sir

    i just installed wamp server in windows server 2008.whn i try to browse the index.php from IE(i selected as defult browser for wamp)but it showing HTTP 404 error. Plese help me

  • ghani

    i have just install wamp server 2.0i ,when i try to set my sql password it give error message like error: 1064 you have an error in your sql syntex
    thank you.

  • djdados

    Good morning to you all! I have a problem with wamp server. I followed the guide step-by-step to install it. Now I have a red icon at my taskbar, the status saying “server online” and when I try to open the phpMyAdmin with firefox I get the error message “can’t load the mysql extension.check your php settings”. I’m not using any skype etc programs nor any eset or other antivirus applications that I have checked on the web that might have a conflict with wamp. Please give me some help cause I have to start an important project at the university as soon as possible. Thank you very much and congratulations for these excellent tutorials!

  • Hello there. This is a very helpful tutorial. I actually made an article regarding WAMP and linked to this page. Thank you for a very informative and step by step procedure of how to set up WAMP. Visit my blog one day, you might be interested in some of my topics there.

  • Julian

    I have set up wamp without any hitches but when I preview my code on a browser, only the html outputs. No php at all. why is this?

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  • when i click the wamps icon in the taskbar in windows 7 it doesnt responds i dont want to install virtual pc kindly help

  • Rohann

    HTTP Error 404.4 – Not Found
    The resource you are looking for does not have a handler associated with it.

    This is the error wen i start my wamp server…how can i overcome dis prob..?

  • Lijo

    I installed wamp2 successfully.The page show— It Works!—.How should I proceed…????

    • If you got answer of this then please tell me also

  • new property

  • Mike

    I have vista with IIS off and wampserver 2.1 is online, I get the localhost view with my projects. All my code is under the wamp/www directory. But my code is not being executed nor recognized. What am I missing?

  • bashir

    i have problem when i type local host in firefox address bar it just displays it works also i cant put wamp on line plz any body help me

  • Sir_rouge84

    Hi! pls.. help me!!!!
    I have made a website/ application using php and sql and I have install wamp and its working fine on my computer.
    My problem is how can I publish my website on local area network???

    • Ty

      I have exactly the same issue as yours. Can you advise me when you get a response somehow, and get if fixed on your own? thx

    • Ty

      Got my intranet working on windows xp
      1. i found my ip by typing run, cmd, ipconfig
      2. then on my browser:

      • Ty

        forgot to tell u, ur wamp server should be online.

      • Ty

        obviously, in other stations in your LAN, the other users should type in to access your local site

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  • MKZ

    Hi Experts

    Can we Install/Setu Multiple Wamp Servers on a Single Server on Windows Server2003

    Great thanks for your Support

    – MKZ

    • MKZ

      I contine my Quetion here
      Can we set up Multiple Applications on Wamp Server
      Installed on Windows Server2003 ?

      please Help me out

      Many thanks

  • meir

    where can i download a wamp server with sql lite manger

  • vinoth

    sir i use wamp server 2.1 for my project i have to import database in it but it allows only 2 mb to import database. i need to import more than 2Mb database what can i do for that pls help me how increase that memory

  • hey, My problem is that I am not able to run my php file(saved in www folder).
    And also by default my browser open localhost with information “It works” not index.php.
    Plz help me.

    • my problem is sought out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kanak

    Thanx a lot….these were the perfect set of instructions…great work!!

  • ghigamarius


    After installing Wamp server have i to install also PHP Edit program separatelly?

    Or the Wamp server includes also PHP Edit?

    Thank you.

    • I think no separate editor is provided but it may be.
      But simplest method :
      Make a file save in notepad then save it with .php extension and save in www folder in wamp folder.
      For run this File http://localhost/file.php.

  • ghigamarius

    I am working with windows 7.

    Thank you!

  • Anirudh M M

    I installed the latest version of WAMP server. I accessed the page from localhost. The code is used to send data through the comp’s serial port. This is the error msg I got,
    You don’t have permission to access /< on this server.

    Also my WAMP icon is yellow n white. Shouldn't it be completely white?

    Any suggestions?

  • Harpinder

    I installed wampserver 2 for windows vista which has Apache version 2.2.17, PHP version : 5.3.5 and mysql version 5.5.8. My http://localhost/ works fine but my http://localhost/phpmyadmin doesn’t work. Please help asap. Many Thanks in advance.

  • Harpinder

    The error message is sql said : #2002 – The server is not responding (or the local mysql server’s socket is not correctly required) .

  • Great tutorial, very informative and in depth! Here is another one to help get wamp set up, even if you have a router.

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  • ashish

    I am trying to get Wampserver working on my WinXP SP3 machine, however every time I try to install it the installation freezes when it says “Finishing installation…”. I can force close the installation program from the task manager, and Wampserver shows up in the My Programs list as being installed, but when I try to run it only one of the two services start and the icon stays yellow. When I left OR right-click the Wampserver icon in the system tray nothing happens, no window pops up, nothing. The icon is unresponsive.
    I closed my antivirus and then installed it but still i face this problem.
    pls help me, its very urgent.

  • BaronWebster

    After installing WampServer2 on my Vista, trying to get to phpMyAdmin throws this error:

    MySQL said:

    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

    • You have to manually enter your password into the php configuration file.

  • Hi,I am new to the wamp thing. But my upper most desire is to know how to create a databased website.
    Secondly, how do i create a database with WAMP.
    Third, after creating a form, how do i link it to the database created.

    Lastly, can i get an ebook or probably, A pdf on how to create a database with WAMP. And how to link the fields created in the form to the corresponding fields created in the database.


  • Silvio

    Help! I use Windows Server 2008 as a default webserver. But since I switch Asp to Joomla, I changed my Webserver to WAMP. I change port 81 for IIS. And let WAMP use port 80. So for the virtual IP(like it works fine. But When I let the router mapping to the same virtual IP with port 80. It shows connection failure. But the IIS port 81 works normal. Is there any body can help me? Please help asap. Many Thanks in advance.

    • You may have to specify within your router settings to forward all of the request for port 80 to the machine with the wamp install. Also make sure you have put your server online (via wamp menu in task manager). Make sure whatever alias your virtual host uses is specified too in your “host” file located in c:/windows/system32/driver/ect. Also I do not know how IIS works but on wamp you have to map your server to your localhost in order for it to work correctly eg. or localhost ; both will work,

  • bilal younas

    how can i make a database using SQL?

  • amit saha

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: [2002] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not (trying to connect via tcp://localhost:3306) in C:\wamp\www\eskagweb\Extra\connect.php on line 6

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. in C:\wamp\www\eskagweb\Extra\connect.php on line 6

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\eskagweb\Extra\connect.php on line 6

  • Umair

    Am a newbee here. Installed Wamp on Windows 7 Ultimate. My website is working on localhost and But when I try to access this website from internet it doesn’t connect and my wamp server is online. Do I need to do something to make it accessible on the internet?

    • Umair

      and yes by the way I have forwarded 80 port to my server machine and have done everything this tutorial or others taught me which includes stopping the IIS. But its still unaccessible on the internet.

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  • Kimberlyq


    I’ve been going through tutorial after tutorial after form after form.

    I have deleted anything to do with PHP, MySql, Apache. Uninstalled, registry cleaned, Disabled IIS, messed with my ports, Skype adjustment, rebooted, etc.

    I’m still getting the internal error for some reason. I can’t find a damn thing that says why. I’m on Windows 7 Starter and a Gateway Netbook. I can get the Apacge to work when I edit the Port call to 8080, but I can’t get MySQL to work, at all.

    Can any one help me?

    Thanks for reading.

  • prateek

    i have installed iis on my w-7.But i type localhost and press enter ta the result is “unable to connect”.
    i want to make a asp program.
    how i can solve this problem?
    plz help..

  • It installed and worked just as the instructions said.
    Amazing!! Thanks for that.

  • hello.
    i have installed the wamp server in my windows 7(32 bit)
    i also turned off the skype and changed its port too.
    iis is not installed in my system and i have already tried all of these things in my administrator account also but none is working to run the phpadmin page.
    please help me out….please!!!!

    • Chintan

       Did you try localhost:(port number)?
      Example if you changed your port to 81,
      Then access the localhost :81

  • ogbons

    i’m having problems in the mysql console…i’ve not been able to setup username and password successfully. pls what’s the syntax for that. i use wamp server 2.1. thanks

  • cablaki

    I install WAMPSERVER on my desktop use windows vista for website. I design my web use PHP, and now has finish. I want to setup for intranet to access by everybody in my office. Please give me solution to resolve that, becouse I don’t understand to make a intranet use IP address. Please all friends I wait for your help.

  • I am/was receiving following error message when I am/was launching WAMP Server.
    Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0.

    I think this happens because I had previously downloaded and installed the 64-bit version of WAMP Server for my Windows 7 64-bit and now I have installed it on Windows 7 32-bit.

  • i installed wamp server v2.1 in my windows 7 32-bit system.
    when i see the icon in the tray and i try to right click it to on it but it is not opening the wamp manager. i tried opening the manager by going to start -> programs also but that too didn’t work. why what is the problem anyone can help me please

  • Hi, anyone that can help..??
    Sorry if this reads a bit jumbled, I’m trying to answer the questions that other people were asked, and tell you what we tried to do.

    My Mum and I have been trying for WEEKS to get WampServer working on her PC (Windows XP).

    We’ve installed, uninstalled and installed again. We’ve followed step-by-step guides, video tutorials, all sorts!
    I’ve trawled through LOADS of forums and tried all the things they suggest on there and still no luck. IT’S DRIVING US NUTS!

    We’ve downloaded WampServer 2.1e (32 bits) which includes Apache 2.2.17 , Php 5.3.5 , Mysql 5.5.8 , PhpMyadmin , SQLBuddy 1.3.2 , XDebug 2.1.0-5.3 , webGrind 1.0 and XDC 1.5

    The icon is red, and hovering displays “WAMPSERVER – server offline”, it changes to orange when we select “Start all services” and then “Put online” but it stays offline.
    We can’t “Start all services” or “Put online”. When we try to “Put online” it returns a “Aestan Tray Menu: Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not perform serive action: The service has not been started”

    “localhost” doesn’t work, it comes up as “HTTP Error 400”

    The User on the PC is an administrator.

    When we tried to start “wampapache”, “The wampapache service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)”

    “wampmysqld service terminated unexpectedly”. It has done this nine times.

    We’ve looked for “IIS” and can’t find it anywhere on the PC. We’ve opened “Command Prompt” and typed “iisreset/stop” but it came up as “not recognised as an internal or external command”
    There isn’t Skype, Google Accelerator, Zone Alarm etc.. or any other database server or webserver on the PC.

    Please help..? :'(

  • Hello, my wampserver icon only shows languages, help and other non important icons, i can’t see the www folder icon, php, msql and apache when i right click on it, any help

    • Avishkar Motheelal

      you need to left click

  • COmmand is “:iisreset/stop”

    Please note “:” is necessary .


  • eri

    aslmkum ,,,
    slm kenal….:)
    mohon bantuan ny donk,,,
    saya udh menginstal WAMPSERVER 2.2 di leptop saya!
    tpi gak bisa di di panggil modul joomla nya to
    ap nya ya yang salah,,?
    ini pesan nya:”Warning: require_once(C:\wamp\www\Joomla/includes/defines.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\wamp\www\Joomla\index.php on line 18″
    mohon bantuan nya donk””””””’PEASE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

  • my project not open

  • Here is a detailed installation for wamp that may help you

  • I said everything in the above procedure. but my wamp icon is orange? stuck here

    • Mike

      Try going into MySQL, service, and clicking start/resume service

    • debu

      just check ur port number dear. go to tray icon then left click it and then select apache config. a notepad file will opn and then search for listen :80 . change it to 8080. as yyour skype may be troubling you by using that port

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  • Miguel Novelo

    There should be an option that allow user wheter or not install mysql because it could be another version installed and this overrides the instance installed

  • Sandeeptripathi01

    sir m not being able to use WAMP as it shows nothing on firefox and showing 
    This webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    HTTP Error 404 (): Unknown error.
    whenever i type localhost or in address bar.also i have an entry localhost in my “hosts” file in windows.plz help

  • Ramesh

    i have create website and database but i haven’t any idea to select database from localhost website. anybody help me please…?

  • Tkkaushik89

    i installed the way it was showed. but when i click local host it says object not found

    • make sure your server is running- to confirm, the WAMP ICON in the bottom right bar must turn to GREEN. In case you are not able to see it in GREEN (it may be orange) you may be using Skype 🙂 just exit Skype and lick the WAMP ICON, select ‘Restart All Services’- you will be done!

  • tesfa

    it is good

  • Moitheely

    Hello, after installing the wamp server, when i was trying to make database, phpMyAdmin gives me this messeage,The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. 

    can any one please sort me out? thanks

    • you probably need to just enable that extension. From the icon in the task bar there are some menus. Under php there should be something for extensions. Try to find mysqli and enable it. Then restart the server. Sorry, I don’t have WAMP installed right now to give you exact instructions.

      • Moitheely

        nope…tht extension is enabled…@:(

  • Sandyrocks92times

    im tring to open php file www root it but rply o your php file which saved in www root…i cant open my file please help me…thanks…

  • Somwanshidinesh

      I insttaled wamp server after insttalation i get following errot what shouid i do “Aestan Tray Menu has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience”.

  • Vlami75

    how i can fix this problem on my wamp server
    ( ! ) Deprecated: Function session_is_registered() is deprecated in on line 7

  • sahil009

    when i click phpmyadmin there is a ERROR on explorer :: you dont have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server please give me a solution

  • ramirez

    Notice: Undefined variable: fp in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 28 Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 28 Notice: Undefined variable: fp in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 29 Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 29 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 34 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 36 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 38 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:apachehtdocsindex.php on line 40

    can you help me please11 i´ve get this error

  • shaji


    I had been using WampServer aand it had been working fine. But now all
    of a sudden I get this error when I try to open local host through wamp
    server. The colour of the Wamp Server icon on the task bar is green
    though..Please Help..

    The error msg that I receive is.

    Network Error (tcp_error)

    A communication error occurred: “”

    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems
    preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a
    later time.

  • SteptoInstall

    simply, thanks…

  • Mehru Nisa


    I had been using Wamp server & I have a problem it is generating the 2 errors, which are:-
    Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

    Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘C:/wamp/www/My project/a.php’ (include_path=’.;C:php5pear’) in Unknown on line 0

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  • Suman

    Thanks for sharing ….

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