Must Use Import To Load Es Module Typescript

When working with TypeScript, it’s essential to understand how to properly import ES modules. In this article, I’ll delve into the must-use import to load ES module in TypeScript and provide valuable insights along the way.

Understanding ES Modules

ES modules are an important feature in modern JavaScript and TypeScript development. They allow us to encapsulate and organize code in a more efficient and modular manner. When importing ES modules in TypeScript, it’s crucial to utilize the correct syntax to ensure seamless integration and execution of the code.

Using ‘import’ Statements

In TypeScript, the import keyword is used to bring in functionality from other modules or files. When loading ES modules, it’s imperative to use the correct syntax to avoid any potential issues or errors. By using the ‘import’ statement appropriately, we can harness the full power of ES modules and effectively manage dependencies.

Specifying ‘import type’

Furthermore, when working with TypeScript, it’s important to understand the difference between import and import type. The import type syntax is used when importing only types from a module without importing the actual runtime values. This distinction is crucial for maintaining clean and minimal imports, ultimately leading to a more manageable codebase.

Example of ‘import’ in TypeScript

Let’s consider an example to solidify our understanding of using ‘import’ to load ES modules in TypeScript:

import { MyModule } from ‘./my-module’;
import type { MyType } from ‘./my-type’;

In this example, we are importing the MyModule from the my-module.ts file using the standard import syntax. Additionally, we are importing the MyType type from the my-type.ts file using the import type syntax.


Mastering the correct import syntax in TypeScript is crucial for leveraging the full potential of ES modules. By understanding the nuances of ‘import’ and ‘import type’, developers can effectively manage dependencies and maintain a clean, organized codebase. To learn more about importing ES modules in TypeScript, visit the official TypeScript documentation here.