How To Create A Meeting In Ringcentral

Setting up a meeting in RingCentral is an uncomplicated procedure, enabling you to swiftly organize and oversee your digital gatherings. As a frequent user of RingCentral for meetings, I’ve found it to be a crucial instrument for maintaining team cohesion, especially when we’re not in the same place.

Step 1: Log in to RingCentral

To start creating a meeting, you first need to log in to your RingCentral account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for one on the RingCentral website. Once you are logged in, you will have access to all the features and settings available for managing your meetings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Meetings Tab

Once you are logged in, you need to navigate to the Meetings tab. This tab is usually located on the main dashboard or in the sidebar menu. Click on the tab to open the Meetings section.

Step 3: Click on the “Schedule a Meeting” Button

In the Meetings section, you will find a button that says “Schedule a Meeting.” Click on this button to open the scheduling interface.

Step 4: Fill in the Meeting Details

Now it’s time to fill in the details for your meeting. Start by giving your meeting a title that clearly describes the purpose or topic. Then, you can specify the date and time of the meeting. You may also have options to set the duration, time zone, and recurrence if needed.

Additionally, you can provide a brief description of the meeting and any relevant agenda items. This can help participants prepare for the meeting and have a clear understanding of what will be discussed.

Step 5: Invite Participants

After filling in the meeting details, you can invite participants to join. You can do this by entering their email addresses in the designated field or by selecting contacts from your RingCentral address book. You may also have the option to send out meeting invitations via email directly from RingCentral.

Step 6: Choose Meeting Settings

RingCentral offers various settings and options to customize your meeting. You can choose whether to enable video and audio for participants, and if you want to allow participants to join before the host. You may also have the option to require a password for added security.

If you have specific preferences for meeting controls, such as muting participants or allowing screen sharing, you can configure these settings as well.

Step 7: Save and Send the Meeting Invitation

Once you have filled in all the necessary details and settings, it’s time to save your meeting and send out the invitations. Click on the “Save” or “Schedule” button to finalize the meeting details. RingCentral will generate a unique meeting ID and URL that you can share with participants.

You can send out the meeting invitations directly from RingCentral, or you can copy the meeting details and share them through other communication channels like email or messaging platforms.


Creating a meeting in RingCentral is a simple process that allows you to efficiently schedule and manage virtual meetings. By following these steps, you can ensure that your meetings are well-organized and that participants have all the necessary information to join and participate.

RingCentral has become my go-to tool for hosting meetings, and I appreciate its user-friendly interface and robust features. Whether you are working remotely or need to connect with colleagues and clients from different locations, RingCentral can help you stay connected and collaborate effectively.