New Features

As most of you have probably noticed we have made some major changes to team tutorials. I created a new layout with the intention of making the site much easier to read. We added a preview image for each post that will be updated on all new posts. There is also a description box on each post with more information about the post and the ability to print or share the post. Here are so more new features:

  • Team Tutorials Forums – Check out the new forum section. Here you can ask question on pretty much anything tech related. We look forward to building a loyal forum following. Also if you have a question that is not related to a post you are reading please post it in the appropriate forum.
  • Comments – I added avatars to the comments and also nested comments. Now you can reply directly to a person. This should make the comments much easier to read. Also author comments will be highlighted in blue.
  • Tag Cloud – We now feature a tag cloud on the side bar so that you can browse post by tag instead of category.
  • Sub Categories – Sub categories have been removed from the side bar and moved to the top of each category page. This helped clean up the sidebar.
  • Demo Section – We will now feature all live demos, downloads, source code, etc  for each tutorial on the Demos page.
  • Resource Section – This page will serve as a one stop shop for the best sites on the web (other than our site). We are looking to add your favorite tutorial sites, free tools, wordpress plugin/layout sites. You get the idea. If you have a site you would like to add please contact us.
  • New Ad Placements – With the new layout we have also feature some new ad placements. You can now purchase 125×125 side bar ads and top banners. We hope that the new ad formats will allow us to remove some of the more intrusive post level ads and provide our users with a better overall experience. If you are not using ad block, thank you. If you would like to purchase an ad please visit our advertising section.
  • Post Ratings (Coming Soon) – We also plan to add the ratings to each post. Users will be able to rate the post on different levels such as difficulty and helpfulness. We are having an issue with the rating system right now and will release that feature once we get the kinks worked out.

I hope you guys enjoy the new layout. We have both been pretty busy lately and would like to start posting more frequently. That will probably lead to us posting some new simple tutorials. For example post that describe how to use a certain function in some programming language.  If anyone is interested in writing tutorials please contact us.

If you see any problems with the new layout please let me know.