Update: New Syntax Highlighting Feature

We have added the SyntaxHighlighter plugin for WordPress. No more screen shots for coding tutorials. All code will be displayed in tables and most code will have decent syntax highlighting. You will also be able to copy and paste the code if you wish to. We are still testing this plug-in so if you see … Continue reading Update: New Syntax Highlighting Feature

New Layout for TeamTutorials.com

I just finished uploading the new WordPress theme to the site. As you can see it is a lot wider, which means that we will start featuring lager images. I also think the colors will be a little easier on the eyes than the green in our last theme. If anyone is looking for the … Continue reading New Layout for TeamTutorials.com

Poll: What Kind of Tutorials Do You Want

It was a nice long break through July, but I am ready to get back to writing some tutorials. What kind of tutorials do you guys want to see on this site? Let us know by taking part in the poll on the sidebar. You can select up to three options. I will let this … Continue reading Poll: What Kind of Tutorials Do You Want