Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons

The Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create icon that resemble the new icons included with Adobe Photoshop CS3. This tutorial is quick and easy. With the old icons it was hard to tell which program each one represented. The new icons are simple and easier to recognize. The funny thing is that this tutorial is done using Adobe Photoshop CS2. I haven’t upgraded to the CS3 version yet.

Start with a new document 120×120 pixels with a white (#FFFFFF) background.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Create a new layer. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool create a selection slightly smaller than the canvas.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Fill the select with any black.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Now open the Blending Options Window by right clicking the layer and selecting Blending Options.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Now Apply the following settings.

Gradient Overlay.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Double click the gradient and adjust like below.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Drop Shadow:
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Select OK to apply the changes. Your image should look like the one below.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Now select the text tool. Open the text options and apply the following options:
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Now type your text on the layer.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Now open the Blending Options for the layer and apply the following options.

Gradient Overlay:
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons

Here is the gradient I used:
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

Apply the settings and you are finished. You now have a Adobe Photoshop CS3 styled icon.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons Tutorial

You can also apply different colors to the gradient to create icons like the other icons in Adobe Creative Suite CS3.

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  • Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

  • Great tutorial, but the font is supposed to be myraid pro. it’s included with mac os x

  • Thanks, I had a hard time trying to find out what font it was.

  • Great tutorial, 5/5 easy to follow and great results.

  • Lar

    Very good tutorial. Using your tutorial I was able to make an acceptabe icon set for my RKlauncher dock.I believe the actual font is AkzidenzGroteskBE but I don’t know how to get that so I cheat and use the Trebuchet MS font. I feel that it is very similar to the official font. I feel that the Myraid Pro font does not look like the Ps logo but it does look like the iBook logo.

  • Joe

    An unreleased font called Guage is the font used in the real icons.

  • Amber

    does anyone know how to get the blending options with the little circle inside? I managed to get this up on my cs3 once but now all that comes up is a different style blending options. Can anyone who knows what I mean help?! 🙁

  • asd


  • What par are you confused about?

  • Also, I made it with Calibri. It looks similar. Go to my website and its my favicon. If you want me to make one for you, email me at [email protected] / [email protected]



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  • Yusuf

    u really do not need to save it as icon to use it as icon… save it as a .png format and keep the background transparent 🙂

  • c3c

    la tipografia debe ser MyriadPro

    the typography is MyriadPro…

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  • Nick

    @c3c & tominated: It’s not Myriad Pro. Myriad Pro has none of the small flurishes.

    E.g., lowercase “L’ and capital “I” are the exact same in Myriad Pro. A quick glance at the Flash icon shows you that’s not the case.

    Joe may be right.

  • Bob

    Nice tutorial, step by step!

  • Harshal

    You shown how to create. But i want see in which format how to export.

  • jo

    but how do you apply it after saving ????? what does it help me to have an icon if i cant apply it as my icon fo the program?

  • Now to USE the icon you made [e08].

    To get the image to work as an icon, you need to go Save As -> PNG. Then you need an application to convert this file into an .ICO file (icon file). There are a few good free apps that can do this and are very small and easy to use.

    Alternativly, you can upload your .PNG file to an online PNG>ICO conversion website. This is what I do. It saves on having so many programs installed on your computer. The website I use is:

    Then once you have your .ICO file, all you need to do it create a shortcut of the program you wish to change the icon of. Right-Click on that icon and choose (In Vista) Properties -> Customize -> Change Icon. Then Browse to where you saved your new icon. Done!

    You can also change the icon of the original .EXE but that requires a little more effort and chances are you’ll be accessing that program via a shortcut located on your Desktop/Start Menu/Quick Launch etc.

  • Monkey

    The font is all wrong.
    It’s not verdana and also not the suggested myriad.

    The font is called clean (not published)

  • Nice tutorial, step by step!

  • mae012689(phil)

    i follow all the steps..but i think that the adobe program on my computer is not complete on the gradient editor..
    hope to help me so that i can make that kind of icon..
    and u have a nice tutorial..^_^ thank you

  • sharin_sg

    cool tutorial.
    else, look for Icon Generator (an AIR app) – that does the job too. 😉

  • Jewel

    very nice tutorial vcoz i want to know more then that

  • Tristan Seifert

    Do you by any chance have a tutorial or lists of colors to make the Flash icon? I love this tutorial. But the text is black and slightly see-through, so you see the back of the icon through the text.

  • ale

    yall are crazy

  • Great post.Thanks a lot.

  • yulia

    thx for tutorial

  • yeeeeeee

  • This site certainly has all of the information and facts I wanted
    concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.