Launch of WootStat – The Best Woot Tracker on Facebook

Introducing WootStat, the premier Woot tracker for Facebook. Mike and myself decided to work with the Facebook API. We ended up created a cool application for tracking items on After checking out the competiton we stack up pretty well. I think we have the most features of any WootTracker on Facebook.

How to Return MySQL Results to a Table

This question has been asked several times lately and I wanted to clear this up. This is a very easy concept once you get it down. In order to display the results from a MySQL query into a table will will store the results in an array and then echo out each row in a while loop.

Editing MySQL Data Using PHP

We have had a few tutorial that show how to display and add data to a MySQL database. Now I am going to show you how to edit a row in your database. In previous examples we setup a table whcih contains: ID, FName, LName and PHON. We will be retreiving the data, making changes, then updating the row in the database. This tutorial is design for the user to update there own information so we will only be editing row for this user.

Handling Errors To Prevent Application Crashes in VB

This tutorial will walk you through a very simple but extremely useful function in programming. When you write code you can never guarantee that specific requirements will be met upon execution and therefore errors are always a possibility. As a coder you need to be able foresee these types of issues and catch them before the application crashes and requires the user to restart it and even worse, lose data that they may have been working on.

How to Get a Users Geo Location?

Every wonder how all of those dating ads know that you are looking for hot girls near (insert your city here)? Well if you are a complete nerd like me you probably ignored the hot girls and wondered: “How did they know where I live?”. There are a few simple ways to do this. Today … Continue reading How to Get a Users Geo Location?

Convert a MySQL date field using PHP Functions

Today I am going to show you how to convert data returned from a MySQL database that was store as a date data type into a user friendly format. To do this you can take two different approaches. One way to do it is to use the function date_format() function in your query. The other way to to modify the date after it is returned.

Configuring and Creating a Database in MS SQL 2008

This tutorial will walk you through what you need to do to start using the installation of Microsoft SQL 2008 Express Edition that we did in the last tutorial. We will need to configure the services to allow incoming connections and we will also go through creating the database as well as some tables to insert information.