Why Zen-Coding is an Awesome Time Saver

If you are a web developer doing any kind of CSS and HTML work then you need to be using the zen-coding plugins. So what exactly is zen-coding? It’s not a new language, but more of shortcut system for generating structured code, such as HTML or XML, using a CSS selector like syntax. If you don’t get it yet, you’ll see the beauty within seconds of playing with the language.

8 Must Have iPhone Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

When it comes to development, there are always simple things that we as developers forget. Ever get into a situation where you know how to do something in one language, but can’t quite figure out the correct syntax in another? I’ve put together a list of iOS “cheat sheet” apps that is sure to help … Read more 8 Must Have iPhone Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

Fix the timthumb.php WordPress exploit

There was a recent exploit found in a common file used to generate thumbnails. I found out about the exploit from Mark Maunder’s site. If you have a server running several wordpress blogs, like us, here is a way to fix all the exploits. If you don’t want to copy and paste skip to the … Read more Fix the timthumb.php WordPress exploit

Parsing XML Feed to an Array with XPath

Recently while working on a project, I found myself needed to parse several different types of files through the same mechanism (CSV, pipe delimited, XML, and more). I decided that it would be best to get each time of feed to a identical object that could then be run through the same methods regardless of the input type. This tutorial will walk you through using PHP and XPath to parse the values from an XML file and store them into array for later manipulation.

Combine Text Files into One File in Windows, Mac, and Linux

I ran into a problem where I had a zip file that had a document I wanted to copy split into 100 different .txt files. I needed to combine all of the text files into one large file so I could copy all the data. Windows You can combine text files in Windows using copy’s … Read more Combine Text Files into One File in Windows, Mac, and Linux

Access a MySQL Database Using PDO

This tutorial will show you how to access a mysql database using the PHP Data Objects interface, also known simply as PDO. One big advantage of using PDO versus other methods is the use of prepared statements which offers much better security than the mysql or mysqli libraries. Also PDO can connect to several different … Read more Access a MySQL Database Using PDO

Function – Splitting a string

Splitting a String on a Character There are a lot of functions out there that are very simple and easy to understand but are absolutely necessary to make fully functional applications. This week, we are going to begin with a simple string function: split. The split function (explode in PHP) allow the programmer to take … Read more Function – Splitting a string