Will Canvas Detect Split Screen

As our digital learning environment continues to evolve, inquiries about the functionalities of platforms such as Canvas are becoming increasingly frequent. A particularly common question that arises is: Can Canvas recognize split screen usage? In this blog post, we will explore and analyze the answer to this question, along with its potential impact.

What is Split Screen?

Split screen is a handy feature available on most modern devices that allows users to view and interact with two or more applications simultaneously. This can be particularly useful for learners and educators, as they can keep multiple resources open at the same time for reference, convenience, and productivity.

Can Canvas Detect Split Screen?

The straight answer to this question is No. As of the time of writing, Canvas does not have the functionality to detect if a student is using split screen.

Canvas, like most learning management systems, does not have access to the operating system’s functionalities or visibility into how the learner is interacting with their device outside of the Canvas application or website. This essentially means that Canvas cannot detect if a student is using split screen or any other OS-level operations.

Implications and Considerations

While this might be good news for some, it’s important to consider the implications. For instance, during an examination, students might use a split screen to look up answers or consult resources. In these cases, instructors might want to implement additional measures to maintain academic integrity.

One strategy could be using proctoring software, which can monitor students’ activity during a test. However, these tools come with their own set of privacy and accessibility considerations that need to be addressed.

Another approach could be changing the nature of the exams or assessments to be more application-based or open-book, reducing the incentive for students to look up answers elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

While Canvas does not currently have the capability to detect split screen usage, this does not necessarily mean that it never will. Technology is always evolving and online learning platforms are consistently adding new features to improve usability and educational integrity.

For now, educators should focus on creating an environment that encourages honesty and integrity, while also leveraging the available technology to ensure a fair and equitable learning experience.