Will Canva Go Public

Many tech companies have recently gone public, sparking curiosity about whether Canva, the beloved online design platform, will do the same.

Canva has seen extraordinary growth since its inception in 2013, with millions of users around the globe. This has prompted questions about an Initial Public Offering (IPO) from investors and tech enthusiasts alike. So, will Canva go public?

The Case for Canva Going Public

There are a number of reasons why Canva might consider an IPO. Firstly, going public could raise enormous capital for the company. With the kind of growth that Canva has experienced, this could be vital for its expansion plans.

Additionally, Canva’s popularity and profitability might attract investors, providing a strong case for a successful public offering.

The Case Against Canva Going Public

On the other hand, Canva’s co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins has previously stated her desire to keep the company private. She cited the advantages of maintaining a long-term strategy without the pressure of quarterly earnings reports that public companies face.

Another possible deterrent for Canva going public is the often time-consuming and complex process of an IPO, requiring significant management focus and resources.

The Verdict

At this moment, it remains unclear whether Canva will go public. The decision likely hinges on a variety of factors including market conditions, the company’s strategic plans, and financial considerations.

We must remember that going public is a significant step for any company, and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the prospect of a Canva IPO is certainly intriguing, it ultimately comes down to what’s best for the company and its stakeholders.

Only time can tell whether Canva will join the ranks of other publicly traded tech companies. Until then, we can only speculate.


The question, “Will Canva go public?” remains an intriguing one, as it has the potential to shake up the tech and design industry. Until official announcements are made, we can only watch Canva’s growth and success and wait to see what the future holds.