Where Does Canva Print From

Canva, the well-known platform for graphic design, provides a variety of services which encompass both digital design and physical prints. This has caused speculation about the source of Canva’s printing, prompting the question, where does Canva’s printing actually take place? The response to this query is not as simple as it appears.

Canva has multiple international print providers, strategically located across the globe, to ensure efficient and fast delivery of your printed products. These facilities are located in different parts of the world, from North America, to Europe, to Australia.

When you place an order for a print job, Canva automatically assigns your order to the closest print provider to your shipping address. This guarantees a faster shipping process, lower shipping costs, and reduces the carbon footprint of each order.

Quality Assurance

Despite using multiple print providers, Canva ensures that the quality of its printed products is consistent. They have stringent quality control processes in place across all their facilities. This means that irrespective of the location your order is printed from, you can expect the same high-quality result.


Canva is also committed to sustainability. By assigning print jobs to the nearest facility, they significantly reduce unnecessary air and sea freight. This helps to lower carbon emissions, contributing towards a greener planet.


In conclusion, Canva’s decision to use multiple print providers located across the globe is a clever one. It allows for quicker delivery, cost-effectiveness, and a lower carbon footprint. So next time you place an order, rest assured that Canva will choose the best and nearest location to print and ship your designs.