What Size Canvas For Webtoon

In the continually evolving realm of digital art and online comics, Webtoons have had a profound influence. An important factor to keep in mind while developing your Webtoon is the size of the canvas. The canvas size plays a crucial role in how your comic appears, the amount of detail you can incorporate, and can even impact your storytelling approach. This blog post will explore the suggested canvas sizes for Webtoon and offer guidance on selecting the best fit for your needs.

Understanding Webtoon Canvas Size

The recommended canvas size for a Webtoon is 800 pixels wide by 1280 pixels high. However, you should note that the file size should not exceed 800KB. Webtoon uses a scrolling format, which means users scroll down to read your comic. Therefore, your Webtoon canvas size will be a single, long strip.

Why This Size?

The reason for this specific canvas size is quite simple: mobile optimization. Webtoon is primarily a mobile platform, and comics are often read on smartphones. Therefore, the width of 800 pixels fits most mobile screen sizes perfectly, ensuring that readers can comfortably view your work without any unnecessary zooming or scrolling from side to side.

Customizing Your Canvas Size

While the recommended size is optimal for mobile viewing, you might want to adjust the size based on your specific needs. You can create a larger canvas if you’re drawing detailed panels or use a smaller one if your comic is simpler. However, remember to maintain the aspect ratio to ensure your comic is displayed correctly.

Resizing Your Canvas

If your canvas is too large, you can easily resize it using graphic software like Photoshop. For example, in Photoshop, you can go to Image > Image Size and then adjust the height and width to your desired size.


In conclusion, while there is a recommended canvas size for Webtoon, it can be adjusted according to your need while maintaining the aspect ratio. It’s best to experiment with different sizes and see what works best for your storytelling style and artistic detail level. Happy drawing!