What Canva Font Is This

Are you currently in a situation where you came across an amazing font on Canva and now you’re desperate to know its name? You’re not alone! Canva, the design platform that revolutionized digital designing, offers a sweeping library of fonts that can leave anyone intrigued. So what do you do when you stumble across a font that catches your eye, but you have no idea what it’s called? This blog post aims to guide you through the necessary steps to identify a Canva font.

The Identification Process

Identifying a font used in a Canva design requires a careful process. However, before we delve into the steps, it is important to note that Canva does not have an inbuilt feature to identify its fonts. This means that you will have to rely on external tools to achieve this. One of these tools is the font identification tool.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use this tool:

  1. First, you need to screenshot the font you want to identify.
  2. Next, upload the screenshot to the font identification tool.
  3. The tool will then analyse the font and provide possible matches.

Some Recommended Font Identification Tools

There are several online tools that you can use to identify fonts, but here are a few that we recommend:

  • WhatTheFont: This is a website where you can upload your image, and it will try to match the fonts in the image.
  • Font Squirrel: This is another great tool that can help you identify fonts from an image.
  • Adobe Capture: If you have an Adobe account, you can use Adobe Capture to identify fonts from an image. This tool is available as a mobile app.

Keep in mind that these tools may not always produce a perfect match. However, they can give you a pretty close approximation that could lead you to discover new fonts.

Wrapping It Up

Identifying the exact Canva font can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but with a bit of patience and the right tools, it can be done. Hopefully, with the help of these steps and tools, you’ll be able to identify that elusive Canva font in no time.

Happy font hunting!