Types Of Canvas Frames

If you are an experienced artist, a novice, or a collector, familiarizing yourself with the various types of canvas frames can greatly improve the display, safeguarding, and endurance of your artwork. In this discussion, we explore the most prevalent canvas frame options to assist you in making an informed decision.

1. Traditional Profile Frames

Traditional profile frames, also known as “standard” or “regular” frames, have a half-rounded top edge. They are typically made of wood and are an excellent choice for various art styles, from contemporary to classical. These frames’ depth (distance from the wall to the canvas front) usually ranges from less than an inch to a few inches.

2. Gallery Wrap Frames

Gallery wrap frames offer a modern, sleek look and are usually used for displaying artwork in galleries, hence the name. In this type of frame, the canvas is stretched so that the image wraps around the sides of the frame, and it is stapled to the back of the frame. This technique creates a three-dimensional effect, allowing the artwork to be viewed from multiple angles without the need for an external frame.

3. Floating Frames

Floating frames, also known as “floater frames,” create the illusion of the artwork floating within the frame without touching it, hence the term “floating.” These frames provide a clean, contemporary look and focus the viewer’s attention on the artwork rather than the frame itself. Floating frames are particularly suitable for gallery-wrapped canvases.

4. Box Frames

Box frames are deep, three-dimensional frames that can hold the canvas as well as other objects of depth. These frames are perfect for creating a shadow box effect or for framing three-dimensional artwork or memorabilia.

5. Stretcher Bar Frames

Stretcher bar frames consist of wooden support bars on which the canvas is stretched to maintain its tension. The canvas is stapled to these bars, creating a firm surface for painting. These frames are usually hidden from view when the canvas is mounted on a wall or inside an external frame.

6. Panel Frames

Panel frames are designed to hold canvas panels, which are flat pieces of canvas glued to a rigid board. These frames provide a snug fit for the canvas panels and can give a traditional or modern look depending on the design and finish of the frame.

In conclusion, the type of frame you choose can greatly enhance the appearance and protection of your artwork. Whether you opt for traditional, gallery, floating, box, stretcher bar, or panel frames, it’s essential to select a frame that complements your artwork and fits well with the decor of the space where it will be displayed.