Mailchimp How To Avoid Junk Folder

Leveraging Mailchimp for managing email campaigns may present a hurdle of your emails being redirected to the recipient’s spam or junk folder. Although this can be disheartening, it’s crucial to recognize that email clients utilize complex mechanisms to weed out spam, and occasionally, genuine emails can get caught in the crossfire. But there’s no need to fret! Within Mailchimp, there are measures you can implement to reduce this issue. So, let’s explore them now!

Improve your Sender Reputation

Reputation matters, even in the digital world. Your sender reputation, or how mailbox providers categorize you as a sender, plays a crucial role in determining where your emails end up. A poor sender reputation can land you straight in the junk folder.

Improving your sender reputation is not an overnight process; it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. One way to enhance your sender reputation is by verifying your domain. This technique assures the email servers that you’re a legitimate sender and not a spammer.

How to Verify Your Domain in Mailchimp:

To verify your domain, login to your Mailchimp account and navigate to Settings -> Verified domains. Click on Verify a domain, enter your details and follow the instructions provided by Mailchimp.

Improve Your Email Content

Another important factor that can influence your email deliverability is the content of your emails. Certain phrases, words, or punctuation can trigger spam filters. To avoid this, Mailchimp provides a feature called the Content Analysis Tool, which helps in identifying the potential spam triggers in your email content.

How to Use Content Analysis Tool in Mailchimp:

Once you’ve drafted your email, select Preview and Test -> Enter preview mode -> Run a content analysis. This will highlight any spam triggers present in your email content.

Double-check Your Email List

A clean and active subscriber list can do wonders for your email deliverability. It’s crucial to ensure that your emails are only sent to subscribers who have opted in to receive them. Sending emails to non-consenting individuals can lead to high bounce rates and spam complaints, negatively impacting your sender reputation.

How to Clean Your Mailchimp List:

Under Lists -> Your List -> Manage subscribers -> Cleaned, you can view the email addresses that bounced and were automatically removed by Mailchimp.


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