Is Canva Pro Free For Educators

When it comes to digital tools and resources, educators frequently seek platforms that can help them with their teaching and keep their students engaged in a more efficient manner. One notable solution amongst these tools is Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform. This poses the question: Do educators have access to Canva Pro for free?

An Overview of Canva Pro

Before delving into its accessibility for educators, let’s briefly understand what Canva Pro is. Canva Pro is the premium tier of the Canva platform, offering exclusive design features and assets, including advanced editing tools, a broader assortment of templates, and priority support.

Canva Pro Education

Here’s the good news: Yes, Canva Pro is free for educators and their students! This initiative is a part of Canva’s commitment to education, offering Canva Pro’s premium features free of charge to K-12 teachers and their students around the world. This program is referred to as Canva Pro for Education.

Why Canva Pro for Education?

Canva Pro for Education provides access to numerous resources that can transform the way educators teach and students learn. It enables them to create stunning presentations, infographics, websites, and other digital assets with ease. The best part? It’s all under a single, intuitive platform.

How to get Canva Pro for Education?

To get started with Canva Pro for Education, one must apply through the Canva for Education program. Your eligibility will be reviewed based on your role as an educator and the details of your school. Once approved, you’ll have full access to all the Canva Pro features for free!


So yes, Canva Pro is indeed free for educators and their students. By providing such a robust design platform at no cost, Canva demonstrates its commitment to supporting education and fostering creativity in classrooms across the globe.