Is Canva Free For Students

Canva is an increasingly popular tool for creating beautiful and professional designs for everything from social media posts to presentations. In the digital era, students often find themselves in need of a tool that can help them express their creativity and present their ideas visually. But the question is, is Canva free for students? The answer, in short, is YES!

Canva For Education

Understanding the importance of equipping students with the tools needed for the modern world, Canva offers a platform called Canva for Education. This platform is entirely free and especially designed for teachers and students from K-12 schools. However, it’s crucial to note that Canva for Education is only available to verified educational institutions.

What Does Canva for Education Offer?

Here’s a snapshot of what Canva for Education offers:

  • Access to Canva Pro features
  • Ability to collaborate with classmates in real-time
  • Thousands of free templates
  • Classroom organization tools
  • Assessment submission capabilities
  • Privacy controls to ensure safety

Indeed, with Canva for Education, students can unlock their creative potential at no cost!

What If I’m Not a K-12 Student?

If you are not a K-12 student, but a student of a higher education institution, can you still use Canva for free? The answer is, you can use Canva’s basic version for free. The basic version offers access to thousands of templates, images, and illustrations. However, certain premium features, such as the ability to save transparent PNGs, access to premium images and elements, and resizing designs, are only available in the Canva Pro, which is a paid version.


Regardless of whether you’re a K-12 student or a higher education student, Canva offers fantastic resources that can bring your creative ideas to life. With the free version readily available for everyone, and the Canva for Education free for K-12 students, there’s no reason not to try this incredible tool for your next project.