Introducing TutorialGrad

Sorry for the lack of posts that we have had recently, but John and I have been working on some new projects and are proud to be able to finally release one of the many active projects that we are working on.

TutorialGrad is a site that will allow others to post tutorials from their own sites automatically through an RSS feed submission. You go to the site, type in your RSS feed and we do the rest.

We have worked long and thought all features of the process through to make the site the best it can be for users as well as site owners. Some features include:

  • No Framed Content– We will not frame any content. Leaving the users the full ability to see your tutorials.
  • No Content Stealing– We simply post the description on the tutorial and then give the users a direct link to it. They will all land directly on your page. This will give you more legitimate back links.
  • Auto Posting– We will look at your RSS feed daily (currently, may change to more frequent with time once we get all the kinks out) and scrape any tutorial in it and post it to the site.
  • Feed Support– We actively support RSS and ATOM feeds. If you use something else that you would like to be supported, please let us know.
  • Auto Thumbnails– We take a “snapshot” of your site upon submission for the users to see the thumbnail next to the tutorials.

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