How To Write Arabic In Adobe After Effects

As a digital content creator utilizing Adobe After Effects, you may have observed that the program does not have integrated support for Arabic language. The default Arabic font in Adobe After Effects may display in a disjointed and incorrect sequence. However, do not be discouraged. There is a simple solution that enables you to accurately type and animate Arabic text. This article will walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Enable Adobe World-Ready Composer

The first step is to activate the Adobe World-Ready Composer, a hidden feature in After Effects that allows right-to-left languages like Arabic to be properly formatted.

To do this, first, open a new document in After Effects. Then, hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L key combination for Windows or Cmd + Option + Shift + L for Mac. This automatically enables the Adobe World-Ready Composer.

Step 2: Write Your Arabic Text

Now, grab the text tool from the tool panel or simply press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. Click anywhere on the composition panel and start typing your Arabic text. At this point, the text might still appear incorrect.

Step 3: Adjust Paragraph Settings

To properly format your Arabic text, you need to adjust the paragraph settings. Navigate to ‘Paragraph’ panel and click on the icon with the lines aligned to the right. This changes the text direction from left-to-right to right-to-left (RTL), which is essential for Arabic and other RTL languages.

Step 4: Install and Use an Arabic Font

If your text still doesn’t appear correctly, you may need to install and use an Arabic font. You can find a variety of free Arabic fonts online, such as Google Fonts.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed your desired font, select it from the ‘Character’ panel in After Effects. Your text should now appear correctly formatted.

Step 5: Animate Your Text

With your Arabic text now correctly formatted, you can proceed to animate it just like any other text in After Effects. Whether you want to create a simple animation or a complex kinetic typography, the process is the same.

In conclusion, while Adobe After Effects may not natively support Arabic text, with the Adobe World-Ready Composer and the correct paragraph settings, you can easily format and animate your Arabic content. We hope this guide has been helpful. Happy animating!