How To Write A Book In Notion

Notion serves as an effective platform for structuring and handling your writing endeavors. This piece will navigate you through the methodology of authoring a book using Notion.

Step 1: Create a Workspace

First, create a workspace in Notion where you can store all your book-related content. You can name it “Book Writing” or something similar. This will serve as the central hub for your writing project.

Step 2: Create Pages

Within the workspace, create pages for each chapter of your book. Give each page a unique name that corresponds to the chapter title. This will help you keep track of your progress and make it easy to navigate through your content.

Step 3: Create Templates

To streamline your writing process, create templates for each type of content you need to write. For example, you can create a template for character profiles, plot outlines, and chapter summaries. This will save you time and ensure consistency throughout your book.

Step 4: Use the Kanban Board

Notion’s Kanban board feature is perfect for managing your writing tasks. Create a board with columns for “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.” Move your tasks from one column to another as you work on them, and use the board to track your progress.

Step 5: Use the Table Feature

Notion’s table feature is useful for organizing your research and notes. Create a table with columns for “Topic,” “Source,” and “Note.” This will help you keep track of your sources and make it easy to reference them while writing.

Step 6: Use the Embed Feature

Notion’s embed feature allows you to add images, videos, and other media directly into your pages. This can help bring your writing to life and make it more engaging for readers.

Step 7: Use the Comments Feature

Notion’s comments feature allows you to collaborate with others on your writing project. Invite your editor, beta readers, or other team members to leave feedback and suggestions directly on your pages.

Step 8: Use the Export Feature

Once you’re ready to publish your book, use Notion’s export feature to convert your content into a variety of formats. You can export your writing as a PDF, Word document, or even an eBook.


Writing a book in Notion is a great way to stay organized and productive throughout the writing process. By following these steps, you can create a comprehensive workspace that will help you bring your book to life.