How To Wrap Text In Figma

Figma is a powerful design tool that is web-based, enabling multiple users to work simultaneously on projects and share easily. One of the common tasks while designing is text wrapping, which can sometimes be a bit tricky in Figma, because unlike many other design tools, there isn’t a direct ‘Text Wrap’ feature. However, there is a workaround. Let’s see how.

Text wrapping in Figma

Text wrapping is the process of breaking lines of text so that they fit within defined space. In Figma, instead of having a direct text wrap feature, users can manually adjust the text box to get the text to wrap. Here are the step-by-step methods to wrap text:

Method 1: Adjust Text Box

This is the most straightforward method to wrap text in Figma.

  1. Create a text box: Select the Text tool (T) and click and drag on the canvas to create a text box.
  2. Type your text: With the text box selected, begin typing. Your text will appear in the text box.
  3. Wrap your text: You can adjust the size of the text box. When the text reaches the edge of the box, it will automatically break onto a new line.

Note: This method will only work with the ‘Auto Width’ or ‘Auto Height’ text property, not with the ‘Fixed Size’ property.

Method 2: Use a Plugin

Another way to wrap text in Figma is by using a plugin. While Figma does not offer a direct text wrap feature, the plugin ecosystem is ripe with solutions. The ‘Arc’ plugin is one such tool you can use to wrap text in Figma.

  1. Install the Arc plugin: Navigate to the Figma Community, search for ‘Arc,’ and install the plugin.
  2. Use the Arc plugin: Select your text layer and run the ‘Arc’ plugin. You can then adjust the radius and degrees to get the text to wrap as you like.

Note: The Arc plugin will wrap your text along an arc, which is great for circular designs but might not be what you’re looking for in every case.


Even though Figma doesn’t have a built-in text wrap feature like other design tools, by manually adjusting text box sizes or using plugins, you can achieve your desired text wrap effect.

Remember, the essence of design lies in experimentation. So, feel free to experiment with different methods to wrap your text in Figma until you find what works best for your design. Happy Designing!