How To Wrap Text Around An Image In Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular tool used for creating presentations and slide shows. It provides numerous features that allow users to present their content in a visually appealing way. One of these features is the ability to insert images. However, a common question among users is, “How can I wrap text around an image in Google Slides?” In this tutorial, we will guide you through the simple steps on how to do this.

Understanding Google Slides Text Wrap Feature

Before we begin, it is important to understand that Google Slides does not support the direct text wrap feature like in Google Docs or MS Word. Instead, we have to manually adjust the text and image to give an illusion of text wrap. Let’s start!

Step 1: Inserting an Image

Firstly, you need to insert an image. Navigate to the Insert menu, click on it, then select the Image option. You can choose to upload an image from your computer, search the web, drive, photos, by URL, or camera. Once you select your image, it will appear on your slide.

Step 2: Resizing and Positioning Image

Next, you have to resize and position your image on the slide. To do this, click on the image and drag its edges to resize it. Then, drag the image to position it where you want the text to wrap around.

Step 3: Inserting Text Box

Now, it’s time to insert the text box. Go to the Insert menu, click on it, then select Text box. Draw the text box on your slide and start typing or paste your text.

Step 4: Adjusting the Text Box

The next step is to make adjustments to the text box. You have to manually adjust the text box to wrap around your image by dragging its edges. You can also alter the size, color, and font of your text from the toolbar at the top.

Step 5: Final Adjustment

Lastly, you might need to make some final adjustments to both the image and the text box to get your desired look. Keep adjusting until the text appears to wrap around the image.

Although this process may seem tedious, it’s the most effective way to achieve the illusion of a text wrap effect in Google Slides. Remember, the key is to manually adjust the position and size of both the image and text box until you achieve your desired look.


While Google Slides does not offer a direct text wrapping feature, it doesn’t limit your creativity. With these simple steps, you can create an appealing presentation that grabs your audience’s attention. Happy presenting!