How To Withdraw Money From Facebook Ads Account

Running advertising campaigns on Facebook can be a lucrative endeavor. However, many users often find themselves at a loss when it comes to withdrawing money from their Facebook Ads account. This guide will help demystify the process.

Note: Facebook doesn’t really allow you to withdraw money from the ads manager. The money you deposit into your Facebook Ads account is intended for use on their platform and cannot be withdrawn. What you can do is control how and when it is spent, or stop the billing completely.

Stopping Facebook Ads Billing

If you don’t want to spend more money on your Facebook ad campaigns, you can stop your ad account’s billing. Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to your Payment Settings in Ads Manager.
2. In the Payment Method section, click the Edit Payment Method link.
3. Select Turn off to stop any future charges.
4. Click Confirm to save changes.

1. Payment Settings -> Ads Manager
2. Payment Method -> Edit Payment Method
3. Select "Turn off"
4. Click "Confirm"

Remember to also pause or delete your active campaigns to ensure that you’re not billed for them in the future.

Requesting a Refund

If you believe that you have been incorrectly billed, you can submit a request for a refund. Here’s the process:

1. Go to Billing Summary in your Ads Manager.
2. Click Payment History.
3. Find the transaction you want to dispute, and click on the menu on its right.
4. Click Dispute this charge and follow the on-screen instructions.

1. Billing Summary -> Ads Manager
2. Click "Payment History"
3. Find the transaction -> Click on the menu
4. Click "Dispute this charge"

Keep in mind that refunds are granted according to Facebook’s discretion.


While it’s not possible to withdraw money from a Facebook Ads account in the conventional sense, you can effectively control your spendings and potentially get your money back if you’ve been incorrectly charged. Always check your ad campaigns and billing details regularly to avoid any unwanted expenses.