How To View Cards On Trello

Whether you are in charge of a project, keeping tabs on your personal objectives, or streamlining your team’s processes, Trello offers a flexible platform that can cater to your requirements. A crucial aspect of Trello is its card structure, which acts as a visual depiction of tasks. In this blog post, we will instruct you on how to access cards on Trello.

Logging into Your Account

To start, you need to log into your Trello account. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily create one by going to the Trello website and clicking on the Sign Up button.

Navigating to Your Board

Once logged in, you will see your Trello boards. Each board represents a project, and within each board, you will find lists and cards. Click on the board that contains the card you want to view.

Accessing Cards

Inside the board, you will see the lists that contain the cards. Click on any card to view its details.

What can you see in a Trello card?

When you click on a card, a window opens that shows you everything about that card. Here is what you can expect to see:

  • Card Title: This is the main header of the card that summarizes what the card is all about.
  • Description: This section gives a more detailed explanation of what the task is.
  • Comments: This section is where you and your team can communicate about the card’s task.
  • Checklists: You can create a checklist within a card to manage subtasks.
  • Attachments: This is where any relevant files, photos, or links will be stored.
  • Due Date: If a deadline is set, it will display here.
  • Activity: This logs all activity related to the card.

Wrap Up

Viewing cards on Trello is a straight-forward but essential skill for maximizing the platform’s benefits. Remember, each card represents a task, and how you interact with it can significantly affect your productivity and project success.

Happy Trello-ing!