How To Verify Google Adwords Certification

Google AdWords certification is a recognized qualification provided by Google to individuals who showcase competence in both fundamental and advanced aspects of AdWords. This article will assist you in navigating the process of verifying a Google AdWords certification.

Step 1: Ask for the Individual’s Public Profile URL

The first step in verifying a Google AdWords certification is to ask for the individual’s public profile URL. The URL should be from the Google Academy for Ads, where the certificate is hosted.

Step 2: Use the Public Profile URL

Once you have the link, click on it or paste it into your browser. It should direct you to the individual’s certification page on the Google Academy for Ads.

Step 3: Check the Validity of the Certificate

On the certification page, you will see the individual’s name, the certifications they have, and the validity of each certification. Check to ensure that the certification is still valid. Google AdWords certifications are valid for one year from the date of certification.

Step 4: Verify the Details on the Certificate

Make sure to verify the individual’s name on the certificate and the certification obtained. For instance, Google offers different types of AdWords certifications such as AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.

What if You Can’t Access the Public Profile URL?

In some cases, the individual might not have a public profile URL or has chosen to keep their certifications private. In such scenarios, you can ask them to provide a PDF download of their certifications.

Why is it Important to Verify the Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords certification validates that the individual has a thorough understanding of Google AdWords and its applications. By verifying an individual’s certification, you ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and optimize Google AdWords campaigns.

Remember, verifying the authenticity of a Google AdWords certification is an essential step in ensuring that the individual has the proficiency in utilizing Google AdWords to its fullest potential.