How To Verify Facebook Page

Getting your Facebook page verified not only adds authenticity and credibility to your page, but it also boosts your page’s visibility and ranking on Facebook searches. This article will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to get your Facebook page verified.

Requirements for Verification

You need to meet certain criteria before applying for Facebook verification. Your page or profile should:

  • Be authentic, representing a real person or enterprise.
  • Follow Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community Standards.
  • Be notable, your page or profile must represent a well-known person, brand, or entity.
  • Be public and have a profile photo, cover photo, and at least one post.
  • Have a “Follow” button enabled if it’s a profile.

Steps to Verify Your Facebook Page

  1. Go to your page’s settings by clicking on Settings at the top of your page.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select General.
  3. Go to the Page Verification section and click on Edit.
  4. Click on Verify this Page and then Get Started.
  5. You will have the option to verify the page with a phone number or documents. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.
  6. If you select the phone number option, you will receive a call with a verification code. If you select the documents option, you’ll need to upload documents that show your business’s name and address.
  7. After entering the verification code or uploading the necessary documents, click on Submit.

This process should kick off your verification request. Facebook will review your request and the documents provided, which might take a few days. Once your page is verified, you will see a blue or grey verification badge next to your page’s name.


Verifying your Facebook page is an excellent way to enhance your business or brand’s online presence. The verification badge not only adds credibility to your page but also improves visibility in search results. So follow these steps and get your Facebook page verified today!