How To Use Zoom In Tesla

Enabling zoom on your Tesla’s touchscreen allows you to magnify small text and examine details in images. Follow these steps to use the zoom feature on your Tesla:

Step 1: Open the App You Want to Zoom In On

First, open the app you want to zoom in on. This could be a map, a web browser, or any other app that has zoom functionality.

Step 2: Tap and Hold on the Screen

Once you have opened the app, tap and hold on the screen with two fingers. This will activate the zoom feature.

Step 3: Move Your Fingers Apart or Towards Each Other

To zoom in or out, move your fingers apart or towards each other. Moving your fingers apart will zoom in, while moving them towards each other will zoom out.

Step 4: Release Your Fingers to Return to Normal View

Once you have zoomed in or out to the desired level, release your fingers from the screen. This will return the view to its normal size.


Using zoom in Tesla is a simple process that can make it easier to read small text or see details in images. By following these steps, you can quickly and easily activate the zoom feature on your Tesla’s touchscreen.