How To Use Whatsapp On Ipad Without Phone

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows you to stay connected with friends and family. What’s great about WhatsApp is that it allows you to message or call anyone around the world, as long as you have an internet connection. However, many people are not aware that they can use WhatsApp on their iPad without needing their phone. Here are the steps on how to make this possible.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Web on Your iPad

The first thing you need to do is install WhatsApp Web on your iPad. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated WhatsApp application for iPads. However, you can still access it through a web browser. Here’s how:

  1. Open your favorite web browser on your iPad (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Go to the website
  3. Now you will see a QR code on the screen.

Step 2: Configure WhatsApp Web on Your iPad

Once you have the QR code displayed on your iPad, you need to use a phone to scan it. You might be thinking, “But I thought we were doing this without a phone?” Yes, that’s correct. But this is a one-time setup process that involves a phone, after which you won’t need the phone again.

Here’s how to scan the QR code:

  1. Borrow any phone that has WhatsApp installed.
  2. Open WhatsApp on the borrowed phone and click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  3. Select WhatsApp Web.
  4. Click on the ‘+” sign at the top right corner to scan the QR code from your iPad.

Step 3: Using WhatsApp on Your iPad

Once the QR code is scanned successfully, the WhatsApp interface will appear on your iPad screen. You can now use WhatsApp on your iPad just like you would on your phone. You can send and receive messages, make calls, and even do video chatting.

And there you have it! This is how you can use WhatsApp on your iPad without needing your phone. Remember, the phone is only needed for the initial setup process. Once that’s done, you can use WhatsApp on your iPad independently!

Note: This guide assumes that you have a Wi-Fi connection on your iPad. If you want to use WhatsApp on your iPad without both a phone and Wi-Fi, you will need a model that supports cellular data.