How To Use Voice Ai In Valorant

Valorant, a widely played first-person shooter game, has amassed a significant player base since it was launched. A pivotal aspect of this game is its voice chat functionality, enabling team members to talk to one another throughout the game. Nevertheless, some players might not be well-versed in utilizing Valorant’s voice AI capabilities, leading to challenges in effective communication and potentially affecting their gameplay performance.

Setting Up Voice Chat

The first step in using voice AI in Valorant is to set up your voice chat. To do this, open the game settings and navigate to the audio tab. From there, select the microphone you want to use and adjust the volume levels as needed. You can also choose whether or not to mute yourself by default when joining a match.

Using Voice Chat in Game

Once you have set up your voice chat, it’s time to start using it during matches. To activate voice chat, simply press the push-to-talk button on your keyboard or controller. This will allow you to communicate with your teammates and coordinate strategies in real-time.

Tips for Effective Communication

Effective communication is key to success in Valorant, so it’s important to use voice chat wisely. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your voice AI:

  • Use clear and concise language when communicating with your teammates.
  • Avoid using profanity or insults, as this can create a negative atmosphere and distract from the gameplay.
  • Listen actively to what your teammates are saying and respond appropriately.


Using voice AI in Valorant can be a powerful tool for communication and coordination during matches. By following these tips and practicing effective communication, you can improve your gameplay and help lead your team to victory.