How To Use Trello In Slack

The utilization of Trello and Slack can greatly enhance your workflow and productivity. While each one has its individual strengths when used alone, combining the two can create an unmatched productivity suite that can greatly simplify your project management. This article will provide you with instructions on effectively utilizing Trello within Slack.

Step 1: Installing the Trello App for Slack

Before you can start using Trello in Slack, you’ll need to install the Trello app in your Slack workspace. To do this:

  • Go to Slack, and click on the Apps section on your workspace sidebar.
  • Type Trello into the search bar and select the Trello app from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Install and then Allow.

Step 2: Linking Your Trello and Slack Accounts

Once you’ve installed the Trello App, you’ll need to link your Trello and Slack accounts. Here is how you can do this:

  • Type /trello in the message box and hit enter. A prompt will appear asking you to link your Trello account.
  • Click the link to authorize your Trello account. Once authorized, your Trello and Slack accounts will be linked!

Step 3: Using Trello in Slack

Now that you’ve linked your Trello and Slack accounts, you can start using Trello right within Slack. Here are some basic commands:

To create a new Trello card, type:

/trello add [card name]

To attach a conversation to a Trello card, use the following command:

/trello attach [URL]

You can also invite others to a Trello board with this command:

/trello invite @username

Benefits of Using Trello in Slack

Integrating Trello into your Slack workspace can bring numerous benefits. You can streamline your workflow by minimizing the number of applications you need to juggle. Additionally, it allows for easier collaboration with your team as you can manage Trello cards directly from Slack.

In conclusion, integrating Trello with Slack can significantly improve your workflow and boost productivity. So give it a try and see the difference it makes in your project management!