How To Use Trello For Kanban

Trello, a widely-used project management platform, is commonly utilized to implement the Kanban approach. Kanban, a Japanese word that translates to “signboard” or “billboard,” is a work management technique that focuses on visualizing tasks, controlling work-in-progress, and optimizing productivity. In this blog post, we will delve into the use of Trello for implementing Kanban in your project management requirements.

Setting up your Trello Board

The first step to using Trello for Kanban is to set up a Trello board. Think of this board as your digital whiteboard.

To create a new board, click on the ‘+’ icon next to your profile picture and select ‘Create Board’. Name your board according to your project and then add lists to represent your workflow stages. A basic Kanban board has three columns: ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, and ‘Done’. However, you can customize this to suit your workflow.

Adding Cards

In Kanban, work items are represented as cards. In Trello, you can add a card by clicking on ‘Add another card’ at the bottom of any list.

Each card should represent a single task. Add a description to your card to detail what needs to be done.

Moving Cards Through the Workflow

As work progresses, cards are moved from left to right across the board. Simply click and drag a card to the appropriate list.

For example, when you start working on a task, you would move the card from the ‘To Do’ list to the ‘Doing’ list. Once it’s complete, move it to the ‘Done’ list.

Limiting Work in Progress

In Kanban, it’s important to limit the number of tasks in progress at any given time. This can easily be done in Trello using the Butler automation feature. You can set up a rule that prevents more than a certain number of cards in the ‘Doing’ list.

Using Labels and Filters

Trello offers labels and filters to help categorize and prioritize your tasks. You can color-code your cards using labels for easy visualization and use filters to quickly find specific cards.

Wrapping Up

Trello’s intuitive interface and flexibility make it a great tool for implementing Kanban. Whether you’re managing a team project or organizing your personal tasks, Trello offers a simple yet effective way to visualize your workflow and increase your productivity.