How To Use Photoshop For Free

Adobe Photoshop, the unrivaled leader in the world of image editing software, is a tool that almost every designer, photographer, and artist uses. However, its high price tag often becomes a hurdle for those who are just starting out or for those who use it infrequently. So the question arises, how can you use Photoshop for free? Let’s discover!

Adobe’s 7-Day Free Trial

Adobe offers a 7-day free trial of Photoshop. It’s a full version that gives you access to all the features. To start your trial, navigate to Adobe’s main website and click on the “Free Trial” button.

Photoshop Mobile Apps

Adobe offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. If you want to use Photoshop for basic editing tasks, these apps can be a great option. They may not offer all functions of the desktop version but they are quite powerful for a mobile platform.

Photoshop Online Alternatives

There are several online platforms that offer functionalities similar to Photoshop. These include Photopea, Pixlr, and GIMP. Although they may not include all the features found in Photoshop, they are quite capable and, most importantly, free.

Using an Open-Source Alternative

There are free, open-source alternatives to Photoshop that are fully functional and offer a wealth of tools. The most notable among these is GIMP. Download and install it on your system and you’re good to go.

A Word of Caution

While there are pirated versions of Photoshop available on the internet, we strongly advise against using them. Not only is this illegal, but it also exposes your system to potential viruses and malware. Always use legal methods to access any software.

So, there you have it. These are the ways you can use Photoshop or similar tools for free. While the alternatives may not be as powerful or feature-rich as Photoshop, they can certainly handle a large range of tasks that the average user might need.


This blog post is meant for educational purposes only and does not endorse any form of software piracy.