How To Use Or In Google Sheets

If you’re a frequent user of Google Sheets, then you know how it offers a multitude of functionalities that can make your life easier when dealing with complex data. One of the powerful functions it offers is the OR function. This function allows you to check if at least one of the conditions you set is fulfilled. This tutorial will guide you through mastering OR function in Google Sheets.

Understanding the OR Function

The OR function’s main purpose is to return TRUE if any of the provided arguments evaluate to TRUE, and returns FALSE if all arguments evaluate to FALSE. Here’s how the syntax looks:

    OR(condition1, [condition2], ...)

As you can see, the function takes one or more conditions. If at least one of these conditions is met, it returns TRUE. Otherwise, the function returns FALSE.

Using the OR Function in Google Sheets

Let’s go through an example to understand how to use the OR function in Google Sheets effectively.

Assume you have a list of students and their grades and you want to determine if any student has scored more than 80 in Math or Science. Here’s how you can do it:

    =OR(B2>80, C2>80)

In this formula, B2 and C2 represent the Math and Science grades for a student respectively. If a student’s grade in either of the subjects is more than 80, the function will return TRUE. If not, it will return FALSE.

Wrapping Up

The OR function in Google Sheets can be a great tool, especially when you’re dealing with data that has multiple conditions to be checked. With a good understanding and practice, you can effectively use it to simplify your spreadsheet tasks.

Remember, Google Sheets offers a lot more functionality, including a wide range of functions and formulas that can help you work more efficiently with your data. Don’t hesitate to explore and make the most out of them!