How To Use # On Mac

Have you just moved from a Windows computer to a Mac and are wondering how to use the hashtag (#) key? Well, worry no more! This comprehensive guide will unveil the mystery of using the hashtag on your Mac keyboard.

Understanding the Mac Keyboard

If you are new to Mac, you might be wondering why you can’t see the # symbol on your keyboard. Well, the reason for this is because the Mac keyboard is designed differently from the Windows keyboard. Instead of having the # symbol above the 3 key, Mac keyboards, particularly those in the UK, have the £ symbol. This might give an impression that there is no # key on the Mac keyboard, which is not true.

So, Where is the # Key on a Mac?

If you look at an American Mac keyboard, you will see the # key where it usually is on a Windows keyboard – above the 3 key. However, on a UK Mac keyboard, the # key is not visible. So, how do you type it? It’s easy – you just need to press Alt + 3.

    Alt + 3 

If you are using an American Mac keyboard, you will need to press Shift + 3 to get the # symbol.

    Shift + 3

Customising Your Keyboard

If you often use the # key and don’t like the idea of always pressing two keys, you can customise your keyboard to change the £ key to #. To do this, you need to go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources and add a new layout. You can then select the layout that suits your needs.


While it might initially seem confusing, using the # key on a Mac is actually straightforward once you know how. Whether you are tagging a social media post or writing code, being able to use the # key with ease is essential. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to use the # key on a Mac.