How To Use Nvidia Canvas Without Rtx

Nvidia Canvas is an amazing resource that utilizes AI technology to transform basic brush strokes into lifelike images. Although the software is optimized for use with Nvidia’s RTX cards, not everyone has access to these high-end components. This tutorial will concentrate on making Nvidia Canvas functional without an RTX card by following the steps below.


Before we proceed, it’s important to note that while Nvidia Canvas can work without RTX cards, it still needs a compatible Nvidia graphics card. You’ll also need to have Nvidia Studio Driver installed and up to date.

Step 1: Installing The Necessary Drivers

Start by installing the necessary drivers. Ensure that your Nvidia’s drivers are up to date by visiting Nvidia’s official website and downloading the latest drivers.

Step 2: Installing Nvidia Canvas

Next, you’ll need to download and install Nvidia Canvas. The application is available for free on the Nvidia website.

Step 3: Modifying The Configuration File

Once you’ve installed Nvidia Canvas, you’ll need to modify a configuration file. This file dictates what hardware the application tries to use. By default, it’s set to use an RTX card. If you don’t have an RTX card, you’ll need to change this setting.

Navigate to the installation directory for Nvidia Canvas. You’ll find a file named “nvcanvas.cfg”. Open this file with a text editor of your choice. Inside, you’ll see a line of text that reads useRTX = true. Change this line to useRTX = false.

Sample of the modification:

    useRTX = false

Save the changes and close the file.

Step 4: Launching Nvidia Canvas

You can now launch Nvidia Canvas. The software should start as expected, and you should be able to use all the tools and features available.

Keep in mind, however, that Nvidia Canvas was designed to work best with an RTX card. While you can use the software without one, your experience may not be as smooth or as fast as it would be with an RTX card. If you’re serious about using Nvidia Canvas and your current graphics card can’t keep up, it may be worth investing in an upgrade.


Hopefully, this guide has shown you how to get Nvidia Canvas up and running without an RTX card. Although you won’t be getting the full experience, you can still enjoy the benefits of this powerful tool. Happy painting!