How To Use Linux On Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces a whole host of enhancements and new features. One of those is a built-in Linux environment. Here, we’ll guide through the steps you’ll need to take to use Linux on Windows 11.

Step 1: Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux

In order to use Linux on Windows 11, you’ll first need to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). You can do this through the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ section in the Control Panel. Or, alternatively, you can do it via the command line with the following command:

wsl –install

Step 2: Choose Your Linux Distribution

Once you have WSL installed, you’ll also need to install a Linux distribution. Microsoft Store offers several distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, and more. Just search for “Linux” in the store and choose the distribution you’d like to install.

Step 3: Set Up Your Linux Environment

After installing your chosen Linux distribution, you’ll need to set it up. Click on the installed distribution in the start menu, and it will open a terminal window. Follow the prompts to complete the setup. This typically involves creating a user account and password.

Step 4: Use Linux on Windows 11

Once you’ve set up your Linux distribution, you can start using Linux on Windows 11. You can run commands, install Linux applications, and more.

For instance, to update your Linux system, you would use the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

The first part of the command, sudo apt update, updates the package lists. The second part, sudo apt upgrade, upgrades the packages themselves.

This ability to run Linux on Windows 11 opens up a world of possibilities. You can use Linux tools and applications, develop for Linux, and more, all from within Windows 11. It’s a great tool for developers and power users alike.


Windows Subsystem for Linux is a powerful tool that enables you to use Linux on Windows 11. It’s relatively easy to set up and can significantly enhance your productivity. Whether you’re a developer, a power user, or just someone curious about Linux, WSL on Windows 11 is worth checking out.