How To Use Hubspot For Project Management

Project management can sometimes be a daunting task. With numerous tasks, deadlines, and resources to manage, things can get quite challenging. HubSpot, a popular marketing and sales platform, comes with a suite of tools that can help streamline your project management process. So, how can HubSpot be used for project management? Let’s delve in.

Integrating Project Management Tools with HubSpot

One of the convenient ways HubSpot supports project management is by allowing integrations with numerous project management tools. Tools like Trello, Asana, Jira, and many more can be connected. To integrate, navigate to the “Integrations” on your HubSpot dashboard, search for your desired project management tool, and follow the on-screen instructions to integrate.

Using HubSpot Projects

For a more native experience, HubSpot offers its built-in project management feature – HubSpot Projects. It’s a central spot for your team to track, coordinate, and work on projects.

Here’s how to create a new project in HubSpot:

Navigate to “Projects” on your HubSpot dashboard. Click on the orange “Create project” button, then choose a project template or create a custom project. Add tasks, assign team members, and set due dates. Now your project is set up and ready to go!

Managing Tasks with HubSpot

HubSpot’s Tasks tool is another excellent feature for project management. It allows you to create individual tasks, assign them, and set due dates. Here’s how to create a task:

Go to “Sales” > “Tasks and activities”. Click “Create task”. Fill in the task details, assignee, and due date, then click “Save”. You can also track the progress of these tasks directly from your HubSpot dashboard.

Using HubSpot CRM for Project Management

HubSpot’s CRM can also be leveraged for project management. With the CRM, you can manage interactions with customers and track their journey. This can be particularly useful for customer-centric projects.

To utilize HubSpot CRM for project management, we suggest making use of the ‘Deals’ feature:

Go to “Sales” > “Deals”. From here, create a new deal. Each deal can represent a project, and stages of the deal can represent different phases of the project. Every interaction and task related to the project can be associated with this deal, providing a clear picture of the project’s progress.


HubSpot, with its rich features and integrations, can be an effective tool for project management. From integrating with other project management tools, using HubSpot Projects, managing tasks, to leveraging the CRM, HubSpot offers multiple avenues to streamline your project management process.

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