How To Use Hubspot Campaigns

HubSpot is an effective online marketing platform that enables you to control and monitor all your digital marketing initiatives in a single location. It aids in measuring the success of your campaigns on various channels and provides valuable insights on their effectiveness. This article will provide guidance on how to utilize HubSpot campaigns to their full potential.

Creating a New Campaign

The first step in using HubSpot campaigns is to create a new campaign. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account and navigate to the Marketing tab.
  2. Select the Campaigns option.
  3. Click on the Add campaign button.
  4. Give your campaign a name and click Create.

Adding Assets to Your Campaign

Once you’ve created a new campaign, the next step is to add assets to it. Assets can include landing pages, emails, blog posts, social media posts, and more. Here’s how to add assets:

  1. Click on your campaign and select Add assets.
  2. Select the type of asset you want to add.
  3. Choose the specific assets from your list and click Add.

Analyzing Your Campaign

One of the most powerful features of HubSpot is its ability to analyze your campaigns. This feature allows you to track the performance of your campaign in real time. Here’s how to analyze your campaign:

  1. Click on your campaign and select Analyze.
  2. Review the various metrics displayed, such as views, clicks, conversions and more.


Using HubSpot campaigns effectively can greatly enhance your digital marketing efforts. By creating campaigns, adding assets, and analyzing your results, you can gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your marketing strategy.