How To Use Google Analytics For Mobile Apps

During the time of making decisions based on data, Google Analytics has become a strong tool that offers important information regarding users’ actions and the performance of apps. This article will offer instructions on utilizing Google Analytics for your mobile applications.

Setting Up Google Analytics

The first step is to set up Google Analytics for your mobile app. Here is how:

  1. Create a Google Analytics account if you don’t have one.
  2. Set up a property in your Analytics account. A property represents your app and provides you with a unique tracking ID.

Note: The tracking ID is a string like UA-000000-01. Keep this ID safe as you will need it while integrating Google Analytics SDK into your app.

Integrating Google Analytics SDK

After setting up Google Analytics in your account, the next step is to integrate Google Analytics SDK into your mobile app. Follow these steps:

Now, initialize Google Analytics in your application class (Android) or AppDelegate (iOS) using your tracking ID.

Tracking User Activities

With Google Analytics integrated, you can now track various user activities in your app. You can track screen views, events, user demographics, system information, and many more.

For instance, to track a screen view:

These are just the basics of using Google Analytics for your mobile apps. The true power of Google Analytics lies in its ability to track and analyze a multitude of data points. It can provide valuable insights that can drive your app to success.

Happy tracking!