How To Use Cortana In Windows 10

Cortana, the built-in virtual assistant in Windows 10, can help you manage your schedule, answer questions, and more. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to set up and use Cortana to make the most out of its features.

Setting up Cortana

Before you can start using Cortana, you need to set it up on your device. Follow these steps to enable Cortana:

  1. Click on the search box located on your taskbar.
  2. Select the Settings icon (it looks like a gear).
  3. Toggle the switch under Cortana can give you suggestions… to enable Cortana.
  4. Sign in to your Microsoft account (if prompted).

Now that Cortana is enabled, you can start using its features.

Using Cortana’s features

Cortana offers several helpful features, including voice commands, reminders, and searching. Here’s how to use some of these features:

1. Voice commands

To use Cortana’s voice commands, click on the microphone icon in the search box or say “Hey Cortana” if you’ve enabled the Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana” option in the settings. Once Cortana is listening, you can ask questions or give commands such as:

  • “What’s the weather like today?”
  • “Open Microsoft Word.”
  • “Play my favorite songs.”
  • “Remind me to take out the trash at 6 PM.”

2. Reminders

To create a reminder with Cortana, click on the search box and type “set a reminder” or use a voice command like “Remind me to call Mike at 3 PM.” You can then fill in the details for the reminder, such as the time, date, and any additional notes.

3. Searching

Cortana can help you search for files, apps, and information on your device and the web. To search using Cortana, simply type your query in the search box, or use a voice command like “Find my vacation photos” or “Search for pizza restaurants nearby.”

Customizing Cortana’s settings

You can customize various settings to make Cortana work better for you. To access Cortana’s settings, click on the search box and select the Settings icon. Some settings you can customize include:

  • Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana”: Enable this option to use voice commands without clicking on the microphone icon.
  • Lock screen: Allow Cortana to work even when your device is locked.
  • My device history, search history, and more: Control the data Cortana can access to provide personalized suggestions and search results.

By taking advantage of Cortana’s features and customizing its settings, you can make your Windows 10 experience more efficient and enjoyable. Give it a try and see how Cortana can help you stay organized and informed.