How To Upload Fonts To Google Slides

Google Slides is a powerful tool that helps in creating professional presentations. One important aspect of any presentation is the font that is used. It can make your slides look more attractive, and help in conveying the message more effectively. Google Slides offers a variety of fonts, but what if you want to use a custom font? In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps to upload fonts to Google Slides.

Step 1: Going to the Font Drop Down Menu

To start off, open your Google Slides presentation. Click on the textbox containing the text you want to change the font for. Then, click the font drop-down menu, which is usually located in the toolbar at the top.

Step 2: Adding Fonts

In the fonts drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom and click on the option that says ‘More fonts’.

A pop-up box will open with a list of additional fonts that you can add. These fonts are divided into categories, such as handwriting, display, monospace, and so on. You can search for the font you want in the search box, or browse through the list until you find the font you like.

Step 3: Selecting and Adding the Font

Once you find the font you want to add, click on it to select it. The selected font will be highlighted. After selecting the font, click the ‘Ok’ button at the bottom of the box. The font you selected will now be added to your fonts list in Google Slides.


While Google Slides has a wide variety of fonts to pick from, it does not allow you to upload your own custom fonts. If you have a specific font that you downloaded and want to use in your presentation, you would have to use a workaround solution such as designing your text in a different software (like Adobe Illustrator or Canva) and then importing it as an image to your Google Slides presentation.


Choosing the right font can have a significant impact on your presentation. By following these steps, you can easily add more fonts to your Google Slides and enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. Remember that while the content of your slides is crucial, the design is equally important as it sets the tone of your presentation.