How To Trick Canvas Time

Canvas is an exceptional learning management system used by schools, universities, and businesses worldwide. But, are you aware that you can trick Canvas time? Before we delve into the specifics, it’s imperative to mention that this post is purely educational and does not condone dishonest conduct. Messing with Canvas’s clock can have serious academic or professional consequences.

Understanding Canvas Time

Canvas uses your computer’s local time settings. Therefore, it’s possible to manipulate the time that Canvas sees by adjusting your computer’s clock. However, remember that Canvas has security features in place to detect such activities.

Steps to Manipulate Canvas Time

Here, we’ll outline how you can change your local computer time to trick Canvas time. Note that this is for Windows users.

Step 1: Opening the Date and Time Settings

First, locate your computer’s clock, typically found on the right side of the taskbar. Right-click on the clock and select “Adjust date/time”.

Step 2: Changing the Timezone

In the Date and Time window, you can manually set the date and time or change the time zone. For instance, if Canvas has set a due date based on Eastern Standard Time, and you’re in Pacific Standard Time, you can get additional hours by setting your computer’s clock to EST.

Step 3: Testing Canvas Time

After adjusting your computer’s clock, you should log out of Canvas and log back in to ensure the changes take effect on Canvas. Upon relogging, observe whether the due dates and times on assignments have been adjusted accordingly.

Step 4: Reverting the Changes

Once you’re done, remember to revert your computer’s clock to the correct local time to avoid confusing other programs or missing out on important notifications.

def change_time(new_time):
   """Function to change the system time"""
   import os
   os.system('date -s {}'.format(new_time))

# Example usage: change_time('2022-02-19 10:10:10')

The above Python script, for instance, lets you change the system time programmatically. Replace ‘2022-02-19 10:10:10’ with your desired date and time.


While it’s possible to manipulate Canvas time by changing your computer’s clock, be aware of the potential consequences. This guide is for educational purposes only and is not an endorsement of any form of academic dishonesty. Always strive for ethical conduct in your academic or professional pursuits.