How To Translate Telugu To English In Google

Google Translate is a free multilingual neural machine translation service developed by Google. It offers a website interface that supports translations between multiple languages. In this tutorial, we will learn how to translate text from Telugu to English using Google Translate. Here’s how:

Step 1: Access Google Translate

Open a web browser on your device. In the address bar, type in and hit Enter. The Google Translate website will open.

Step 2: Select the Languages

On the Google Translate page, you’ll find two language selection boxes. On the left box, choose Telugu as the language of the text that you want to translate, and on the right box, select English as the desired output language.

Step 3: Input the Text

In the left box, enter or paste the Telugu text that you want to translate. As soon as you stop typing, Google Translate will automatically translate the text to English and display it in the right box.

Step 4: Use the Translated Text

Once the translation is displayed, you can use it as you wish. You can copy it by clicking the Copy button below the translated text box, or even listen to it by clicking the Listen button.

An Additional Trick: Google Search

Apart from using the Google Translate website, you can also do quick translations right from the Google search bar. Just type “Translate [Your Text] to English” in the Google search bar and hit Enter. Google will automatically translate your text and display the translation as the first search result.


Google Translate is a powerful tool that allows you to understand and interact with different languages. It helps to bridge the communication gap and can be an excellent resource for learning new languages as well. Remember, while Google Translate is very useful, it might not provide perfect translations every time, especially for complicated sentences or idiomatic expressions. Always double-check the translations if they are for important communications.

Happy translating!