How To Sync Onedrive After Password Change

OneDrive offers a service where your files can be stored and retrieved from any location through cloud-based storage. Nevertheless, should you alter your password, reconnecting your OneDrive account might be necessary to resume file synchronization. This guide will walk you through the steps to sync OneDrive following a modification of your password.

Step 1: Sign in to OneDrive

The first step is to sign in to your OneDrive account. Open your web browser and go to Enter your email address and password, and click on the “Sign In” button.

Step 2: Disconnect OneDrive

Once you are signed in to OneDrive, you need to disconnect it from your computer. Click on the “Settings” icon located at the top right corner of the screen and select “Devices.” You will see a list of devices that are connected to your OneDrive account. Click on the device you want to disconnect and then click on the “Disconnect” button.

Step 3: Reconnect OneDrive

After disconnecting OneDrive, you need to reconnect it to your computer. Go back to the “Settings” page and select “Devices” again. Click on the “Add a device” button and follow the prompts to add your computer to your OneDrive account.

Step 4: Sync Your Files

Once you have added your computer to your OneDrive account, you can start syncing your files. Open the OneDrive folder on your computer and drag and drop the files you want to sync into it. You can also right-click on a file or folder and select “Share” to share it with others.


In conclusion, syncing OneDrive after a password change is a simple process that involves disconnecting and reconnecting your computer to your OneDrive account. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your files are always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.